What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

What to talk about with your girlfriendMost guys avoid talking to their girlfriends far more than they should and this is usually because the last words they ever want to hear from their girlfriend is “We need to talk”. This because this is usually bad news that involves phrases like “It’s not you…it’s me”.

Having a conversation with your girlfriend shouldn’t feel like a chore, and if it does then you’re probably doing something wrong. What puts most guys off is that they have no idea what their girlfriend is actually interested in but that’s what I’m here to help you with today – how to talk to your girlfriend and exactly what you can talk to her about.

Here’s a list of topics to talk about with your girlfriend that which are usually a no-brainer when it comes getting her talking and you doing the “listening boyfriend” part.

5 Topics To Talk About With Your Girlfriend


I know guys…I know, but for some unknown reason women are completely infatuated with the idea of these sparkly vampires and sexually ambiguous werewolves. In fact most women have this fascination with vampires that goes all the way back to when Bram Stoker wrote that first vampire story. So basically anything to do with the Twilight franchise, the True Blood TV show or anything vampire related is going to be a winner…unless of course she’s terrified of vampires.

Reality TV Talent Show

It doesn’t matter what country you live in there’s going to be at least one reality TV talent show on your screens each week and as much as it pains you this is something your girlfriend is going to love talking about. Obviously you need to be careful that you’re not actually watching this show full-time yourself but only using it to create conversation starters with your girlfriend. Who knows you might even get a few laughs in at the crazies who show up on these shows every week!

Her Family

Couple talking on the terrace during sunsetAsking your girlfriend questions about her family is pretty much guaranteed to have her blabbing away to you for hours – the sister she hates, the stuff her mother never tells anyone and where her father hides stuff in the house. Women love to talk about their own immediate and extended families and their friends and it’s a great way to learn more about what made her the woman you love today.

The Future

Now this can be a tricky one to talk about at times just because bringing it up can sound like “So are we gonna make babies or what?”, even though that’s not what you meant at all. Talking about the future is one of those “good” conversations you can have with your girlfriend as long as it’s structured and handled properly. If you’ve been with your girlfriend for more than a year or two then this is one of those conversation topics which is going to come up sooner or later, but never try to avoid it. The reality is that if you’ve spent a few years dating this girl it might be nice for both of you to talk about the future (carefully) to see what kinds of dreams, hopes and ambitions you both have.


One of the funniest conversations you can have with your girlfriend is comparing notes on what you’d do if you won the lottery, and you might be very surprised at the answers she might give. If nothing else you can spend a happy hour or two sipping wine and dreaming great dreams together – and that’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon or evening with the woman you love.

Just remember that there’s no obligation or need to talk to your girlfriend every single day, as in you don’t need to sit down and have an intense conversation with her every single day. Every woman likes to have her own space and private time so don’t go interfering with that.