What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

What to get your girlfriend for her birthdayIf you’re like most guys you’ll absolutely freak out when it comes around to your girlfriend’s birthday. You love her, you love spending time with her but you dread the idea of having to buy a birthday gift for her because if you get it wrong then you run the risk of upsetting her.

Realistically if you’ve been dating a girl for a few years you probably should have at least some idea of what to buy her, but that’s not always how it works. To save you having to do any more head scratching or headaches I’ve put together a very quick guide on things to get your girlfriend for her birthday – regardless of whether it’s her 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th; these are gifts which are timeless.

6 Gift Ideas To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

Essential Oils

Alternative beauty and health treatments have always been popular with the fairer sex, but more and more women are relying on nature to help them with their beauty or health issues. If nothing else buying her an essential oil gift basket will allow her to use them when she’s taking a bath or shower – so she’ll look, feel and smell fantastic. This is a total win-win for you and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


You can combine the gift of essential oils by then mixing a special massage oil and offering to massage her neck, back and legs. If you want to raise the stakes here you can offer to bathe her first and then massage her with your special mix of essential oils afterwards. The only potential downside here is that she’ll probably fall asleep during the massage – getting a massage with pure essential oils can often feel like being shot with a tranquilize dart. She’ll still love you for doing this though!Woman having a massage on her back

Digital Camera

Women, for some weird reason, remember to capture the memories that most men tend to forget about. Women also have a tendency to be more artistic than men (well mostly) so a great way to help your girlfriend express her artistic abilities is by getting her a new digital camera. Obviously you’ll want to get a camera in a color that she’ll like so I’d suggest the pink Canon PowerShot A2300 – it’s a 16MP camera with a 5x digital zoom and records video in 720p. That’s as much camera power as any amateur photographer will need.

Book Her a Mani Pedi

If you don’t know what this is then don’t worry, you’re not meant to. A mani-pedi is a combined manicure and pedicure treatment, which means your girlfriend can spend several hours being pampered by beauticians in a way she can’t often afford. Booking a mani-pedi for her will be an even bigger surprise if she’s never had one before, and you’re also making sure that she’s being treated like a princess for her birthday too.

New iPod/iPad

This is a no-brainer guys because any girlfriend anywhere on this planet would love to get a new MP3 player or iPad for her birthday. Obviously she’d probably love both but unless you’re rich then you’ll have to choose between one or the other. Basically you can’t go wrong by buying her either of these gadgets.

Take Her Shopping

If you really want to spoil her then take her out on a shopping spree, because deep down inside she’s always wanted this. All women want this. In fact if you want to complete the occasion for her then take her to breakfast, then shopping, then a late lunch and book into a nice hotel somewhere nearby. Rest, dinner and then drinks afterwards to complete the night. Expensive? Yes! Own her heart afterwards? Almost definitely!

I’m pretty sure you’ll have found at least one or two birthday gift ideas here that you know she’ll love. You’re welcome 🙂