Things To Do With Your Girlfriend That You'll Both Enjoy

Things To Do With Your Girlfriend That You’ll Both Enjoy

Things to do with your girlfriendIf you look at the happiest couples you know you’ll probably notice that they do a lot of “stuff” together, and it even looks like they’re having fun doing it. Guess what – they probably are having fun and this is what you could be experiencing with your girlfriend too! To help you along with spending more time with your girlfriend and having more fun at the same time here’s a list of some of my own personal favorite fun things for you to do with your girlfriend.

5 Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Go Shopping

Yes, yes pretty much every guy hates the idea of going shopping but your girlfriend, like most women, probably loves the whole experience. So instead of whining about not wanting to go shopping with her why not surprise the hell out of her by asking her to go shopping, or to come help you pick out some new clothes. This is one of the more cool things to do with your girlfriend at any time of year and if you really want to shock her bring her out to a really nice lunch afterwards, in a restaurant or café she loves.Funny Illustration of a man hate shopping with his girlfriend

Cook Together

One of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend is to cook a meal together. It all starts with choosing the meal and then shopping for the ingredients together. After that it’s time to head back to the kitchen and flirt your way through making the meal. Then all that’s left is to open that great little bottle of wine you bought earlier on and enjoy each other’s company. Eating a meal can be a very sensual experience if you allow it to be, plus if you really want to impress her then you take over all the cooking and food preparation duties.

Work Out Together

Going to the gym on your own can be boring at the best of times and most of you will struggle to stay motivated so why not join a gym with your girlfriend and go on some gym dates while you’re at it? You’ll get to spend some time together doing something different, you’ll get fit and overall this is one of the healthiest activities to do with your girlfriend, well apart from one other which I’m not going to mention here but I’m sure you can guess.


Woman kissing a happy man while having a picnicYou can combine fun and a bit of old-school romance by going on a picnic together, ideally some place where you both like spending time. If you want to impress her then why not organize a picnic for near where you first met, to show her that you still remember. The picnic doesn’t need to be complicated either – just bring a good bottle of wine, some sodas and some snacks. Just don’t forget to do the obvious stuff like bringing a blanket or throw for you both to sit on. On a list of potentially romantic things to do with your girlfriend going on a picnic together ranks up at the very top.

Teach Each Other Stuff

She probably has no idea how to change the oil in a car and you have no idea how to sew a button on a shirt so why not spend some time learning some useful life skills from each other? You probably know a lot about each other in terms of what you do for a living and life goals but sharing your hobbies and interests with each other can show you a whole new dimension to the woman you’re in love with.

You can just use this list for inspiration if nothing else and finding spontaneous things to do with your girlfriend is one of the best ways to keep your relationship with her fresh, interesting and romantic.