Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Sweet things to say to your girlfriendWomen enjoy being flattered and complimented, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for 2 months or if you’ve been married for 20 years the woman in your life will still enjoy hearing you whisper or text her a sweet nothing. Even if your girlfriend or partner claims to not be in the least bit romantic I can assure you that saying cute stuff to your girlfriend or wife will still put a smile on her face.

Don’t worry about sounding cheesy or goofy when you’re saying this type of stuff to her directly or even just sending it by text message because although women want their men to be as masculine as possible they also like to know that there’s a softer side to you – without getting carried away of course.

You’ve heard her sigh or get teary eyed during a chick flick when the Brad Pitt-type actor says something all deep and meaningful right? You better believe she’s hoping that some day you come up with some sweet things to say to her too.

12 Cute Things To Say To A Girlfriend, Partner Or Wife?

  • I always wanted a girlfriend who was more than just my lover but my best friend too – looks like I finally struck gold!
  • I love you! Even though I might not say it often enough I want to you to know that I love you now and always will
  • When I’m not with you I miss you. When I am with you I hate the idea of being apart. I love you x
  • It looks like God was showing off when he created you – then he broke the mold afterwards
  • You are the first person I think about every day when I wake up and the last person I think about before I fall asleep each night
  • I’ve only just realized that I never know what true love was until I met you
  • To this day I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see you – I never want that feeling to go away
  • Life is just one big collection of moments, but I treasure every moment I spend with you
  • I can’t promise that we’ll be together forever but I can promise you I’ll love you every day I am with you
  • My friends can always tell when I’m thinking about you because I have a big stupid grin on my face
  • I never, ever feel complete unless you’re near me
  • I love watching you do day-to-day things because you never realize how beautiful you look when you’re doing them


If you really, really want to blow her mind then try writing a poem for her. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s worst poet here – it’s not the content of the poem itself that will make the impact, it’s the fact that you took the time and effort to write a poem for her in the first place. There’s a very, very, very good chance that you’re the only guy who has ever written, or even attempted to write, a poem for her. Remember this is the stuff she sees in chick flicks and the stuff she yearns for in real life.Woman lying down reading a poem book

Be Spontaneous

Women tend to be the busier half of any relationship so your girlfriend or wife is going to be constantly fussing over herself or something else. Taking a moment to tell your girlfriend or wife that you love her, that you think she’s cute or hot, or that you love how she looks in her pjs is enough to win you any amount of brownie points. The reason why this works so well is because there’s no big set up – you’re just commenting on how she looks right there and then and you’ll catch her off guard too.

There’s lots of cute stuff to say your girlfriend but the more it sounds like something you’ve either come up with yourself or something that you’d naturally say the more she’ll appreciate it.

Actually if you’re one of the more creative guys reading this then you probably have a whole list of one-liners you use with girls all the time, so why not share some of those with everyone else reading this blog? Remember you could be helping another guy out of a sticky situation by sharing your ideas here!



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