Types Of Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Types Of Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions to ask your girlfriendWhen most guys start a conversation with their girlfriend it’s because they’re looking for information about the relationship that they don’t have at that point in time. Now while that might sound a little bit clinical it is also true in that the vast majority of men do not initiate a conversation with their girlfriend unless they really have to.

There are several reasons why a guy tries to get his girlfriend to talk to him:

  • He thinks he’s in trouble
  • He thinks his girlfriend is deceiving him in some way
  • He needs to talk to her about their relationship

However regardless of the reason why you actually need or want to talk to your girlfriend in the first place it’s important that you approach the matter carefully – saying the wrong thing could spark the kind of argument that leaves at least one of you sleeping on the sofa all night…or for a few nights.

3 Types Of Questions You Can Ask Her

Ice Breakers

You can use an ice-breaker type question when you’re literally stuck for stuff to ask your girlfriend in an effort to get her to talk to you. You’ll need this type of question to sound as natural as possible so make sure you choose carefully, but finding out what TV shows she watches can help. Just asking her a passing question about who’s on X-Factor this week, or some little morsel of celebrity gossip you looked up online. The purpose of the ice-breaker question is to get your girlfriend talking to you so you can figure out whether she’s mad at you or not.

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Do you wanna ask me something?

Relationship Questions

Good questions to ask your girlfriend when it comes to the topic of your relationship won’t actually be about your own relationship but about somebody else’s relationship instead. Getting into a discussion about your own relationship when you want to find out more about how your girlfriend feels about you can be a bit of a minefield, so you’re usually better off using another couple as an example, or just using an entirely imaginary situation. So the question would always be put to her as a “What would you think if Brad and Angelina broke up?” or “How do you think Jean would react if Fred proposed to her?” type of question. That’s usually enough to open the flood gates for her to tell you what she thinks.

Awkward Questions

These are the most dangerous types of questions to ask any girlfriend, in the entire history of relationships. Why? Well usually when you have an awkward question to ask your girlfriend it’s because you’ve done something wrong or you suspect she might have. Or alternatively you’re going to be asking her a massively important question, like if she’ll marry you for example. It won’t matter what the actual questions is because you’ll still find yourself struggling to get those words out.

When you need to ask your girlfriend something awkward then you have two basic choices:

  • Blurt it out
  • Take the long way around

Personally I’d suggest you avoid the “Blurting it out” option because even if you’re asking her something really nice or sweet (like for her hand in marriage for example) it’s still going to sound “wrong”. Basically the best way to ask an awkward question is to have a conversation already going, which you can start by using an ice-breaker type question, and once your girlfriend is paying attention to what you’re saying you can then ask her about whatever was on your mind in the first place.

The main thing to remember is that when it comes to talking to your girlfriend about anything is that nothing is set in stone and every single woman on the face of this planet is different to every other woman.

So use a lot of tact and watch your girlfriends reaction (facial expression, skin tone, etc) when you are asking her a question you think she might react to quite dramatically.