What Are Some Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend?

What Are Some Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend?

Names to call your girlfriendWhen it comes to choosing cute names to call your girlfriend guys reading this are in luck simply because women’s nicknames are usually far easier to come up with than nicknames for guys. Plus women generally don’t mind being given some kind of sweet name by their boyfriend – it shows that you care enough to at least try.

The other advantage you have is that you can use any of their feminine charms or characteristics as the inspiration for a nickname, or pet name, for your girlfriend, making it even easier again.

*DO NOT attempt to use nicknames or pet names with a feminist – you’ll wind up sleeping on the sofa. You’ve been warned!*

So let’s get down to business here and help you come up with a nickname for your girlfriend eh? Just bear in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here when it comes to choosing a nickname, you’ll have to judge your girlfriends reaction to whatever you say at first to figure out the best names to call her.

8 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend


This is a classic when it comes to pet names for your girlfriend but you’ll usually wind up calling her “hun” at most points during the day – once you get out of the habit of calling her by her first name, which is about 6 months into the relationship.Beautiful black woman


Calling a girl “babe” will work with some women and not with others so you’ll need to watch her reaction because chances are she was called babe by her last boyfriend too – she probably doesn’t want to get you confused with him.


Again this is an old classic and can be used for a girl of any age from 18 to 80 and it still counts as a cute nick name, so unless she was called this by a previous boyfriend then she’ll probably accept it as a pet name.


Kitten has a very sensual meaning in its own way so most women will be open to being called “kitten” as a nickname, but remember there’s no perfect nickname so if your girlfriend kinda wrinkles her nose when you first say it don’t get upset and just try another one instead.


This is a little bit Star Wars and a little bit Disney but every girl I know has dreamt of being a princess at some stage in her life. Actually the older she is the more open she’ll be to the notion of being swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor and living in a glistening castle somewhere nice. A prince with his own castle is always going to be a winner guys.Illustration of an in love couple

Honey Bun

Although this is almost the same as the “hun” pet name I mentioned above it’s still a unique enough nickname to be used separately, and it’s also a lot more affectionate than just a straight “hun”.

Sugar Pie

It might feel a little bit cheesy calling your girlfriend “sugar pie” but if she likes it then go for it! This pet name might be a bit too saccharine for some women but overall it works pretty well as a nickname.


You can use this nickname at any time, in any place and with any woman and it will go down well – I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t. Sunshine is a kinda gender-neutral pet name too so even if your girlfriend is against pet names, because she sees them as being sexist, she can’t say much about you calling her “sunshine”.

When trying to come up with nicknames or pet names for your girlfriend take her personality and everything you know about her into account first – that will stop you making any major mistakes.

If you’ve come up with what you think is the ultimate nick name for your, or any, girlfriend why not share it with the readers of this blog? Remember guys find it far more difficult to come up with cute names for their girlfriends so why not give every guy reading this page a helping hand by commenting here?