How To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

How To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her

How to tell your girlfriend you love herTelling your girlfriend that you love her is probably one of the most terrifying things any guy ever has to do, except for maybe meeting your girlfriend’s parents. Obviously some men find it easier to do this than others, but then some people find solving quadratic equations fun too. Go figure. You see most men are commitment phobes by nature, usually avoiding the whole idea of commitment like the plague, even when they’re actually deeply in love with their girlfriend.

Before I move onto the process of actually telling your girlfriend you love her I wanted to spend a few moments on the topic of the fear of rejection. If you’ve decided to make the big move and tell your girlfriend that you love her then no doubt you’re afraid that she might not feel the same way. Now if you’ve been paying attention and reading her body language properly then 99% of the time you’ll be telling her what she already knows. Do, however, bear in mind that in 1% of cases she might act like she loves you, kiss you like she loves you but she might not actually love you. Basically there’s no harm in being prepared for rejection – just in case.

So let’s take a look at the best ways for any guy to tell his girlfriend that he loves her.

3 Ways On How To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her


Some people like to plan in minute how they’re going to tell their girlfriend how much they love her, but the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, as they say. How many times have you planned all the details of a holiday only to have them go badly wrong at the very last minute? Exactly! So when it comes to telling your girlfriend how you feel about her try to make it as spontaneous as possible. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be sharing a romantic meal with her, but the entire situation should be minus all the stress that planning can cause. A great way to share your feelings with her is to tell her in the middle of doing something you both enjoy. Being spontaneous in itself is one of the ways you can show your girlfriend you love her.

The Kiss

Young couple in love looking each other in the eyesOf all the cute ways there are to tell your girlfriend that you love her doing it while you’re kissing or cuddling her is one of the best ways to do it. Doing it while you’re in close physical contact with her means that both of you are more relaxed and just enjoying being around each other. If you can manage it, and without seeming too intense, look into her eyes when you tell her that you love her because it shows her you mean it, plus you’ll also get an idea of whether or not she feels the same way too. Oh and don’t flip out if your girlfriend doesn’t instantly tell you that she loves you too – that’s just not how women work.

Don’t Wear It Out

Even though you might be tempted to don’t tell your girlfriend you love her every single time you see her. There isn’t a specific minimum or maximum number of times you can say it to her each day, but basically don’t overuse it. Even if she worships the ground you walk on she’ll eventually get sick of being told every 15 minutes that you love her – so much so that you could actually drive a wedge between you.

The problem with me even sharing that information with you is that you might feel paranoid about when to use the “L word”, but the honest truth is that if you’re paying attention to how she is around you then you’ll know exactly the right time to remind her that you love her.

How did you go about telling your girlfriend you loved her for the very first time? Was it with a kiss? Did you send her a note?

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