How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheatingI hate saying this but when it comes to cheating women can be far more devious than men – even though a lot of men wouldn’t agree with that, but that’s only because most men can’t believe that their girlfriend would ever dream of lying to them or cheating on them.

In the real world women are just as capable of cheating as men but the women who do this usually have the ability to simply forget it and pretend that it never happened – which makes catching them out in a lie pretty difficult at times.

So what signs that your girlfriend is cheating should you be looking for?

How exactly can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you with another guy….or girl?

4 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Decreased Sexual Desire

Has your girlfriend’s sexual appetite just disappeared or she just seems to be “going through the motions” when you’re having sex? If so then this could be for medical reasons, she’s simply not in the mood or it could be because she’s getting all the sex she needs elsewhere. It’s also worth watching to see if she’s behaving differently during sex or….worst possible scenario…she mentions another person’s sex during sex or climax! Don’t let that one go without an explanation though!

Arguments Over Nothing

If you’ve suddenly gone from a state of being happy with each other to being at each other’s throats the whole time then it could be a projection of her guilt onto you. The subconscious is a weird thing and even though we’re doing our best to hide our little (or big) lies they usually have a way of working their way to the surface. In the case of a girlfriend being unfaithful this can manifest itself in her literally starting a fight with you over everything – this is her brain trying to process the fact that she’s deceiving you.

Secret Lifestyle

Middle aged woman with laptop in bed wearing white bra and white shirtHas she suddenly started hiding her cell phone or picking it up and answering it in the bedroom or elsewhere in your/her home? Does she seem to be using her laptop at strange times of the day or night and always does her best to keep you from seeing her screen? Does she suddenly not want to tell you about what she got up to in work that day or how her week is planned out ahead of her? Basically if there’s been a sudden change in her behavior around you then there’s a reason for this – humans are creatures of habit and we only change those habits with very specific motivations and reasons.

You’re No Longer #1

Every guy likes to assume that he’s the only man in his ladies life and in a healthy relationship that’s pretty much the truth. So if you see a sudden shift away from this towards her being more concerned about what other guys think about her or even talking about when she was single and/or happier then there’s warning signals written all over that.

When it comes to finding out if your girlfriend is cheating on you it’s the little things that give it all away – a Freudian slip or a dropped till receipt or the accidental mentioning of an ex boyfriends name when it’s least appropriate. You just need to pay attention and realize that your girlfriend is human, with all the failings and weakness that can come with being one.