How To Propose To Your Girlfriend - 7 Creative Ways

How To Propose To Your Girlfriend – 7 Creative And Romantic Ways

How to propose to your girlfriendIf you’ve ever used YouTube for more than maybe 30 minutes you’ll have probably seen one of the many elaborate wedding proposals videos online there. What used to be a simple matter of finding a romantic spot and proposing to your girlfriend has now been replaced by proposals which feature professional dancers, choreographed flash mobs, a backing track and multiple video cameras. And every single time you see one of these proposal ideas and think “Wow…that was amazing”, some other guys comes along and raises the bar yet again with even more elaborate marriage proposal ideas.

The fact that you’re reading this page means you’ve been searching for ways to propose to your girlfriend, and especially ones that won’t cost you $100,000 and 6 months to plan and then execute. Fortunately for you I have some pretty neat proposal ideas to share with you – and we’ll be going old school with these too. In fact those flash mob, video extravaganzas mean that a traditional wedding proposal is going to make a bigger impact because you’re not simply copying what every other guy is doing.

Seven Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend


Why not take out a full page ad in her favorite magazine or a newspaper she reads regularly, and put your proposal there. Then you can quietly hand her a copy of it, watch her read it and wait for her reaction. I’d suggest you might want to record the reaction on your phone though for the sake of posterity.

Use A Band

You could also hire a band she loves going to see and arrange in advance to propose to her during her favorite song? This will leave a lasting impression on her in the best possible way, plus you have a readymade audience too for applause!


Ok it sounds really cheesy but you’re literally letting the entire world know how much you love her, plus you never really see this done anymore so you’ll get bonus points for originality. This still ranks as one of the best ways to propose to your girlfriend.Marry me written in the sky

Go Mile High

Not that kind of “Mile High Club” cheeky! But why not whisk her away for a romantic holiday and propose to her during the flight? Or even better get the cabin crew in on the moment and have them get involved too – with the airlines permission of course. Yes this is like the scene at the end of “The Wedding Singer”, but if it worked on Drew Barrymore I’m sure your girlfriend will like it too!

At The Movies

Arrange a screening of her favorite movie of all time at a local cinema, but arrange that your marriage proposal message is included in one of the adverts before the movie starts, a talking head video of your proposal would be even better. If you’re looking for one of the more creative proposal ideas this is it guys.

Replace Her Jewelry

If your girlfriend has a habit of wearing the same jewelry each day then simply replace her favorite ring with the engagement ring you bought for her. It’s probably going to take her a few moments to realize what you’ve just done, so be in the same room as her when this happens – you’ll want to see her face when she turns around.

YouTube It

Instead of hosting a massive flash mob wedding proposal why not just record a video of yourself proposing to her (if you can sing and play guitar then do that…it’s a no-brainer) and then either email it to her saying something like “Gotta check this jackass out!” or something similar. You can share the video with your friends once she does actually say “Yes” too!

Now you have 7 creative, innovative and romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend – get busy proposing guys!