How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy And Smile

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy – How To Put A Smile On Her Face?

How to make your girlfriend happyWell if you’re reading this page you’ve either messed up and upset your girlfriend or she’s upset for another reason and you want to put a smile back on her face. Either way you’re wondering how do you make your girlfriend happy again right? The good news is that I can help you with your current dilemma and I have some great tips for cheering your girlfriend back up – even if you’re the reason she’s upset in the first place.

4 Tips To Make Her Happy

You Upset Her

If you’re at fault for her being upset then the first thing is to apologize and show her that you want to make up for whatever has happened. Being stubborn at this point won’t achieve anything, where a sincere apology can go a long way to mending the hurt between you. Showing her that you’re man enough to apologize will go a long way towards making her happy again.

Bedroom Matters

If you’re looking for ways to make your girlfriend happy in the bedroom department then this is a little bit more complicated because you’ll really need to spend time figuring out exactly what she likes. Learning how to make your girlfriend happy in bed isn’t something you figure out in a day or two, simply because all women react differently to stimulation of any kind.

The best advice I can give you here is to understand that for a woman sex is as much an emotional and psychological experience as it is a physical one. Most women will be more than happy to show you what they enjoy in bed so don’t take it as an insult if a woman gently guides you to the spot that turns her on the most – she understands her own body way, way better than you ever could.Happy man and woman lying down in bed together

Making Up After A Fight

If you’ve just had a fight with your girlfriend, and you’re like most guys, then you’re probably wondering how to make your girlfriend happy after a fight, right? Guys don’t know when to stop arguing with their girlfriend and this inevitably leads to tears. In this situation there are a number of ways to make your girlfriend happy again but the first step is a hug and an apology. Now even if there’s blame on both sides (and there usually is in 99.9% of arguments) you need to step up and apologize first, be a man about it but if she needs a few hours alone then let her have that.

While she’s busy sorting herself out you have all the time you need to do something nice for her – cook a meal, get some nice wine or whatever you think would make her happy. Making up after a fight isn’t rocket science but you need to deal with it almost immediately because allowing bad feelings to fester even for a few days can have long-term negative results for your relationship.

Appreciate The Small Stuff

Of all the things you can do to make your girlfriend happy just appreciating the little things she does for you is what will count the most. She probably helps you shop, irons the shirts you make a mess of and a whole host of other things you could easily take for granted. You don’t need to buy her flowers every time she does something nice (they stop being special if you do) for you, but a quick hug, kiss and a sincere ‘Thank you!’ will be enough to put a big smile on her face. Remember that most jerk boyfriends treat their girlfriends so badly that even showing the smallest hint of appreciation for what she does for you will make a big impact on her.

Pay attention to your girlfriends likes and dislikes and also really pay attention to anything negative she has to say about ex-boyfriends – now you have all the information you need for your super secret “Keep Girlfriend Happy” blueprint.



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