How To Kiss Your Girlfriend - How To Kiss Her Properly?

How To Kiss Your Girlfriend – How To Kiss Her Properly?

How to kiss your girlfriendSo you’re here because you want to learn how to kiss your girlfriend properly? If so then you’re not alone because kissing isn’t something that’s taught in schools, but you still know that when you do kiss your girlfriend for the first time you want to make the right impression. In fact you should be patting yourself on the back for trying to find information on the best way to kiss your girlfriend – most guys wouldn’t bother.

Being a great kisser isn’t really something you’re born to be able to do, which is good news because it means that once you’ve grasped some of the basic skills of kissing that you can put those into practice until you’ve honed your kissing skills until they could almost be branded a weapon. So let’s get down the basics of how you go about kissing your girlfriend for the first time.

3 Tips On How To Kiss Your Girlfriend

Take Your Time

Never, ever rush into kissing your girlfriend because when you do kiss her for the first time it shouldn’t be something that you wind up treating like a short sprint race. Far too many guys think that the speed you kiss a girl at makes you a great kisser, when all it really does is just creates a lot of drool…not sexy. You want your first kiss to mean something, so there’s no need to rush it. Actually you’ll usually make a bigger impression on a girl by sticking to a kiss on the cheek for the first date – showing sexual interest but respecting her space…and also creating an air of mystery about why you’re acting differently to every other guy she’s ever dated.

Kissing Tips

There aren’t hundreds of different ways to kiss a girl yet most guys still make a complete mess of it, which is why I wanted to share some quick kissing tips with you today. The first of these is that French kissing is an acquired taste and most women won’t want you sticking your tongue down their throat the first time you kiss them, it’s not a major turn-on for women.

Young couple kissing in a parkA skilled kisser will instead follow the lead of the girl he’s kissing, paying attention to how she uses her mouth, what she’s doing with her tongue and *most importantly* matching the speed and pressure of her kisses. In her mind you’re the perfect kisser, when all you’re really doing is paying attention to what she likes. When she then tells you what a great kisser you are just smile and kiss her again.

She Won’t Kiss You?

Now if you’re stuck in a situation where a girl literally just refuses to kiss you then you’re in a bit of an awkward predicament. If you’ve been patient and respectful and she turns away every time you try to kiss her it could mean that she’s not ready, she’s not interested or she’s just incredibly shy. If you’ve been dating this girl for more than a few weeks and she’s still refusing to kiss you she might have a hygiene phobia, or is possibly not 100% sure about her sexuality. Try talking to her about it in a friendly way, but if she refuses to even talk about it then it’s probably time to move on and find yourself a new girlfriend.

Kissing somebody you love is one of the greatest, most simple and most enjoyable of all the pleasures life has in store for you, so make sure that you’re enjoying it as often as possible with that girlfriend you love so much.

So guys have you got any kissing tips you’d like to share with everyone else reading this page?

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