How To Get A Girlfriend In High School For The First Time

How To Get A Girlfriend In High School For The First Time

How to get a girlfriend in high schoolHigh school is an experience some people will remember for the rest of their lives for all the right reasons, but for others high school can be a part of their life they’d rather forget ever happened. You see when you’re in high school you’re dealing with a lot of separate issues at once, including things like puberty and suddenly having to choose what subjects you might want to study in college. Heck some people are even forced to figure out what career they want to have after college – all too much pressure at once.

Of course high school is also around the time that you’ve developed your first real interest in girls and the whole dating process begins as part of this, or least it would if you could find a girlfriend in the first place. So even though you really want to have a girlfriend while you’re in high school (and afterwards of course) being a big bundle of awkward and nervous hormones won’t do you any favors.

Because I was once an awkward bundle of hormones just like you I want to give you some tips on what can make dating in high school that little bit easier.

3 Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend In High School

Be Yourself

Now I know that’s the most unpopular advice I can possibly give but it’s the truth. Far too many young guys follow the pack in high school and think that treating girls mean keeps them keen. In fact it doesn’t – it just makes you look like a jerk. Who you are right now isn’t something you should be trying to change to make some girl like you, or to fit in with “the crowd”. You should be developing your own personality and your own way of doing things because girls tend to prefer guys who can not only think for themselves but also treat them well too.

Get Active

As a guy you’re going to be approaching the peak of your physical capabilities between now and your late 20s or very early 30s, so make the most of it. Instead of staying glued to the sofa with your pizza, soda and Wii/Xbox/PS4, you should get out and get active. Run track, join the football/baseball/hockey team. If you’re not a team player then look at taking up a really good martial art like judo or jiu-jitsu for example. Why bother? Girls love athletic guys – even if you’re carrying an extra few pounds being genuinely athletic is going to get you a lot more attention than being the worlds best couch potato.

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Get in shape!

Being “Ugly”

It saddens the hell out of me to hear any high school kid ask questions like “How do I get a girlfriend in high school when I’m ugly?” Right now you as a person are one of the most unique beings on this planet. All of your life experiences even up to this point would require a petabyte (PB) of storage – that’s 1,000(TB) terabytes!! There is nothing ugly about you, except the fact that you’re having those negative thoughts about yourself. The truly ugly people are the people who might have said or done something to you to make you feel or think the way you are right now. If you want the best possible guide I can give you to life at your age then find this song on YouTube: Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen. It will make you look at life differently and in a more positive way.

The one thing to remember about high school is that 99% of the other kids around you feel just as awkward about dating as you do, and you can be sure that one of those young women you see around you loves you more than you could know.