How To Get A Girlfriend In College - Is It Really That Hard?

How To Get A Girlfriend In College – Is It Really That Hard To Date A College Girl?

How to get a girlfriend in collegeNow that you’ve finally graduated high school and you’re on the college campus you probably feel like the entire world is at your feet, and to a certain extent this is true. What you might not feel so invincible about is finding a girlfriend while you’re in college. Attending college is one of life’s great adventures, but it also means leaving behind a lot of the things you probably felt very comfortable about – including the girlfriend you had in high school. As much as maintaining a long-distance relationship with your high school girlfriend might seem like a good idea the reality is that in 90% of cases you’ll slowly grow apart and find separate paths in life once you leave for college.

So even though you might have had a girlfriend in high school now that you’re in college you’ll need to find a college girlfriend instead – in effect you’re starting all over again. Now that’s a daunting thought for even the bravest of guys, because in college you’re basically starting all over again with a new group of friends too – all of your normal “support systems” are missing. That being said there’s no reason to panic – I’m here to help.

Some Important Tips About Dating In College

The reality is guys that finding a girlfriend in college shouldn’t be something you have to put a lot of effort into, because almost every other freshman (or woman) is going to be looking for somebody to date too. Plus there’s also the fact that college girls are a lot more liberated than girls you might have known or dated in high school, so all of the awkwardness of trying to ask a girl out is usually replaced by a girl asking you out instead. This will probably feel pretty weird when it first happens but you’ll quickly get used to it I’m sure!Illustration of a sexy college girl carrying books

Some guys live in absolute fear at the thoughts of being in the “no girlfriend in college” zone but that rarely tends to be the case. Obviously the tried and tested advice of finding a girl you’re attracted to AND have something in common with never goes out of style, and the same is true of dating a college girl.

If you want to play the odds in your favor then just join the clubs or societies that have an abundance of young women in them – it’s highly unlikely you’re going to meet a girl to fall in love with on the lacrosse, hockey or World of Warcraft team right? Simply being around more women and getting to know them, their hobbies and where they like to hang out will create far more dating opportunities for you.

Don’t take the college dating thing too seriously and I mean that both figuratively and literally – enjoy the experience for what it is but don’t expect it to change your life in any amazing way. That doesn’t mean that you should be sexually promiscuous in college, but in the same breath committing to long-term relationships while you’re in college might not be a great idea either.

Remember you’re not going to really and truly know what you want from life until you graduate.