Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend - Quick Gift Guide

Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend – Quick Gift Guide

Gifts to get your girlfriendMost guys find it very difficult to buy the perfect gift for their girlfriend regardless of how long they’ve been dating, but that varies from one relationship to the next. Basically if you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for your girlfriend then we can assure you that you’re not alone – there are thousands of other guys out there in the same predicament at this very moment in time. So what I’ve done is put together a quick gift guide which highlights some of the best gifts to get your girlfriend, almost regardless of the actual occasion.

The one rule you need to follow here is that if you haven’t been dating her for very long then keep the grand gestures/expensive gifts for later on in the relationship. I learned the hard way that an expensive gift can sometimes scare a girl away – even if she really did need that laptop I bought her 🙁

Quick Girlfriend Gift Guide For Any Occasion

No Gift Cards

Guys on a list of cute gifts to get your girlfriend you can take my word for it that gift cards don’t belong anywhere on that list. Buying your girlfriend a gift card for a birthday/anniversary/any other occasion shows that you made no effort. Zero. None. All it says about you is “I was too lazy to go shopping so I went into the first ‘ladies store’ and bought a gift card. Sorry”. Even if your girlfriend tells you that getting her a gift card is okay….don’t it….it’s a trap!!

Sing Her A Song

If the idea of singing in public fills you with absolute fear then it’s cool bro – we’re all the same. Well those of us who have no musical talent that is. That being said if you really, really want to make a big impression on your girlfriend then get some guitar or piano lessons and play her a song – it will melt her heart in a way you’ve never seen before. Even women who hate music will love being serenaded by her man. Learning a song on the guitar is usually a lot easier to do by the way; you could probably pull it off in 2 or 3 weeks of lessons. It doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf either – she’ll still love that you made the effort for her.

Man playing guitar

Learn guitar and sing her a song!


Your girlfriend isn’t as confident about her body as you might think she is, so even though you might blush a bit buying her lingerie it’s actually a good idea. The one proviso here is that you don’t buy her some tacky PVC nurses outfit – that won’t make her feel sexy, just cheap. Just do yourself a favor and figure out her sizing well in advance – particularly her waist size and her bra size. The fact that you put some effort into buying your girlfriend tasteful yet sexy lingerie, which fits her, will get you a lot of a brownie points guys! Oh and if you’re stuck for ideas then a lace bodysuit will usually be well received.

At least now you have some gift ideas to work with guys – have fun!