Some Cute Things To Text Your Girlfriend

Some Cute Things To Text Your Girlfriend

Cute things to text your girlfriendBeing able to text your girlfriend means that you can be in contact with her all day and all night if you wish – unless she’s asleep of course. Now while this might seem like a good idea it can also mean that you can run out of things to say by text pretty quickly, plus there’s also the risk of saying the wrong thing in a text to your girlfriend can lead to the kind of fight which makes a volcanic eruption seem like a nice place to spend a holiday.

The problem with text messages is that your girlfriend can’t hear the inflections in your voice or see your smile or any other part of your body language when you’re sending the message. That’s the exact reason why some couples have argued so much over text messages that they’ve actually broken up – all over a simple misunderstanding.

So what I’m going to give you today is a list of things you can send to your girlfriend, broken down into categories so you can’t make any mistakes.

What To Text Your Girlfriend At Different Times Of The Day


Of all the cute things to text your girlfriend in the morning a simple “Good morning sunshine” or “Good morning baby” are some of the best and also some of the most effective. If you don’t work the same hours as your girlfriend then you can still do this by setting up a timed web text which she’ll still receive first thing in the morning. There’s literally nothing better than to wake up to a text from somebody you love – it just makes the entire day that bit easier. You could also just text her “Loved you loads, have a great day babe x” or something similar too – the effect will still be the same.Smiling girl receiving a cute good morning text message from her boyfriend


If you don’t get to text your girlfriend a lot during the day because of work or personal commitments then you need to make sure that you don’t go asleep without texting her goodnight first. Again it doesn’t need to be complicated and it can just be “Hey babe, just wanted to say goodnight before I get busy dreaming about you x” or “I always miss you most just before I go asleep – wish I was beside you right now x”, or maybe “Just wanted to let you know that you mean the world to me, gnight babe x”.

The last thing you want to do is get into the middle of a long conversation with your girlfriend because there’s a good chance you’ll fall asleep during it and this is going to set you up for a fight the following day. Keep those cute things you say to your girlfriend at night short and sweet – literally.

Any Time

Woman texting with her boyfriend at workThere are also cute text messages you can send to your girlfriend during the day that will almost definitely make her smile. You can try the either of these ones to get you moving in the right direction “I’ve waited my entire life for a girl like you, you were more than worth the wait” or “People keep asking me why I have this stupid smile on my face all day…if only they knew it was because of you”.

Of course you might also be in a situation where you’re trying to mend your current relationship with your girlfriend, or maybe even trying to convince an ex girlfriend to give you a second chance. If that’s the case then you might want to consider checking out the “Text The Romance Back” or the “Text Your Ex Back” product by Michael Fiore – it’s literally crammed full of text messages that could have your ex begging you for a second chance instead of the other way around.