What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

What to get your boyfriend for his birthdayNow and again as a girlfriend/partner of a guy you’ll probably struggle trying to find things to get your boyfriend for his birthday. The vast majority of men are quite easy to buy for, in my own experience, but that doesn’t meant that the shopping experience is going to be any easier for you. In fact the pressure to find the perfect gift gets even worse when you’re looking for gift ideas for a boyfriend for his birthday!

So what I’m going to share with you here are some tips for buying birthday presents for a boyfriend during his most significant birthdays, some of this will even come in handy if you’re trying to buy gifts for other men in your own family, because like I said men usually aren’t very fussy about the gifts they receive, although if you get it right you’ll have hit a homerun for brownie points for months to come!

5 Tips On What To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

16th Birthday

16 Teenage BoyAt the age of sixteen a boy is just starting to become a man, and is figuring out a lot of things about himself and what it means to actually be growing up. He’s also probably just started shaving, so getting him some cologne is a good idea, just don’t get anything too overpowering because 16 year old boyfriends will always put too much of it on. Hey should you even have a boyfriend when you’re 16 – what would your mom say? Just kidding…I won’t tell her!

18th Birthday

Young Man At 18Once a guy reaches eighteen years of age he’s really starting to figure out what he likes and doesn’t like in life, so he’ll be a bit harder to please than he was at age 16. He’s probably also discovered beer at this point so giving him money for his birthday isn’t a good idea. An 18th birthday for a guy is one worth remembering so a clever and classy gift to get him are some silver or titanium cufflinks with his initials on them, and maybe the date inscribed somewhere too.

21st Birthday

21 Year Old BoyfriendThe next major birthday event for a guy is his 21st because it’s another landmark year that will see most guys graduating from college (or being very close to it) and starting out on their career, or continuing on to post-graduate studies instead. Obviously getting him something like an Xbox One is a gift that will be received with open arms, but if you want to avoid buying him something that will involve him spending less time with you then maybe something like an entry-level Tissot T-Touch watch would be a better idea? Plus the touch-screen function on this analog watch is going to just blow his mind.

30th Birthday

Handsome Man Around 30By this age a man is pretty much set in the patterns he’s going to maintain most of his adult life – including what sports team(s) he’s going to follow for the rest of his days. Thirty is a pretty big birthday so maybe consider buying him a season ticket/courtside ticket for his 30th birthday? If for some weird reason your guy doesn’t like sports then maybe inspire the Rocky inside him to get back into shape by buying him a punch bag instead?

40th Birthday

Mature Man around 40When your guy has hit the big four-oh he’s probably not going to want to see it printed on cards, or in a sea of fiery candles on a cake. Instead do him a favor and bring him to see one of his favorite movies, and then bring him for a great meal and go for a couple of drinks afterwards. Or if you felt like going the extra mile you could arrange for a private screening of his favorite movie in a local cinema and invite his friends to attend – he won’t ever forget that night!

The longer you’ve been dating or married to this guy the better you should understand him, but at least with the ideas I’ve given you here it should help you along just that little bit.