What To Get Your Boyfriend For Your Anniversary

What To Get Your Boyfriend For Your Anniversary

What to get your boyfriend for your anniversaryLet’s face facts here ladies – it’s far more likely for you to remember your anniversary than your boyfriend ever will. It’s odd how it’s become tradition for even couples who aren’t married to celebrate their anniversary (or in some cases their monthaversary), and the cynic in me sometimes thinks it’s just another plot by gift card companies to make more money from people.

Regardless of that though there’s still every reason for you to celebrate another year with the man you love by buying him a gift of some kind right?

Now the question of the day is….what exactly do you get your boyfriend for an anniversary? After all it’s not like there are specific gifts you can give him on your first or tenth anniversary….or are there?

3 Ideas On What To Get Your Boyfriend For Your Anniversary

Anniversary Pack

This is a very neat idea based on something an ex-girlfriend gave me years ago (well she’s my ex now…she wasn’t then…obviously). Basically what you do is get a small gift box and fill it with random items for your boyfriend – these random items including say some novelty condoms, a free pass to the strip show you’re doing for him later, his favorite candy bar, a poem, a homemade card and some other stuff like that. The basic idea here is to create a gift “basket” for him that says “I love you and I care enough to put this together for you”, and if it doesn’t put a smile on his face then he’s dead inside. Well maybe not dead inside but he needs to lighten up.

The Watch Option

Some women hate the idea of buying a watch for their boyfriend because they’re afraid it will seem like they didn’t try very hard to choose their boyfriend’s anniversary gift. That all depends on the quality of the watch itself though, and if you want to up the ante a little bit then you can have the watch engraved with a message, personalizing the anniversary as a result. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your boyfriend a great watch but if you want to impress the heck out of him then a TAG Heuer, or something similar, will definitely have that effect.

Create Memories

Couple having a romantic evening in winterIf you think of the gifts you’ve received over the years which have mattered to you the most you’ll probably realize that it’s not always the material items which matter. In fact the gifts you’ll remember most are ones that involved spending time with the people in your life that you love without question. So going out for a romantic meal with your boyfriend or just going to a football/baseball/hockey game with him will give you a chance to create the memories of that anniversary that will last for decades longer than any watch or games console (he probably still wants the game console btw).

The main thing to remember about celebrating your anniversary with your boyfriend (regardless of whatever gift you might give him) is that it should be as much fun for both of you as possible – this is a celebration for both of you really, so make the most of it. You have your entire life to grow old and be grumpy!