A List Of Awesome Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

A List Of Awesome Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Things to do for your boyfriendIf you’ve found this page then I just want to say “You go girl!!” because you obviously care enough about your boyfriend to actually go out and search for some cool and nice things to do for your boyfriend. Complacency is the enemy of healthy relationships everywhere so I’m always happy to see people looking for ways to keep their boyfriend happy, or just to show him that you care. An “awesome thing” doesn’t need to be expensive by the way – sometimes the smaller gestures can mean more in the big picture of things.

5 Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend

Guys Night Out

Women are better at planning a night out than any guy can ever hope to be, so why not secretly plan a guy’s night out for him and his buddies? Men never expect to have this kind of thing done for them so he’ll be just completely blown away when you do. Find out what he loves doing on a night out with his buddies and make that happen – you can even get his friends to help organize it too. You don’t need to just save this stuff for his birthday or your anniversary – the more random it is the better. This definitely counts as one of the more thoughtful things you can do for your boyfriend.

His Mother

You know that the opinion of your boyfriend’s mother is critical in any relationship right? This is especially true if your guy is either Irish or Italian – they’re totally matriarchal families, where the mother runs the home. If you want to score major brownie points with both the woman who might become your mother-in-law and your boyfriend then you could try buying his mother flowers. You’ll take a whole pile of relationship pressure off him and get in his mother’s good books at the same time.


If your boyfriend works in a stressful job or just works out a lot there’s nothing better than a shoulder massage to ease all that tension away. Now what your boyfriend really wants is a massage from you but he’s never going to ask you to do that. So why not learn the basics of massage, grab some massage lotion and offer to massage his shoulders and back some evening soon? This can also turn out to be one of the most fun things to do for your boyfriend because a massage between a couple usually only ends one way…if you catch my drift.

Do Stuff With Him

Illustration of an angry wife watching her childish husband who wants to play with herEveryone enjoys having their own alone time, where they can just sit and do their own thing. With guys this is usually sports or gaming of some kind but there’s no reason why you can’t join in now and again. Even better get some practice in on his favorite Xbox, PS3 or Wii game and then challenge him to a match – he won’t be able to resist the challenge…but try not to beat him too badly eh?

Get Drunk Together

If you don’t drink alcohol then you can skip this suggestion completely. However for couples who do drink then going out together and getting drunk together at least once in your lifetime is usually a great idea – going out and doing it every weekend isn’t though. “In vino veritas” is an old Latin saying which translates to “In wine there is truth” – which is a fancy way of saying if you really want to get to know a person then get drunk with them. Remember that being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun all of a sudden.

The above are things to do for your boyfriend just because you can – you’re not obliged to do them in any way. What I will share with you is that a couple that does this type of stuff for each other are the same couples who can look forward to a long and happy life together.

I think what really matters here is that showing your boyfriend that you care about what makes him tick and happy deep down can make a huge difference to any relationship.