Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Your Relationship

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend About Your Relationship

Questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationshipFrom a girlfriend’s point of view there are literally millions of things you might want to ask your boyfriend about, but of course the main thing that’s going to be on your mind is your relationship. After all what woman puts time and effort into a man without having some kind of long-term plan – that’s not you being divisive that’s just human nature.

When you are talking to a man about your relationship with them you have to be just a tiny bit careful about the types of questions that you ask. Never forget that all men have commitment phobia to at least a certain extent, so asking your boyfriend a whole series of random, intense or deep questions about your relationship out of the blue could send him running for the hills – which of course is the very last thing you want to have happen.

How Do You Ask Your Boyfriend Relationship Questions?

Pick Your Time

If the guy you’re dating is stressed out or in a bad mood or generally just not feeling himself, then that’s not a good time to start asking questions about your relationship with him. Timing is of the essence here so make sure that you choose a time that’s not likely to cause a fight or any kind of disagreement between you. Just make sure that you have enough time to discuss what’s on your mind with them, so make sure neither of you is rushing to or from work or some other kind of social commitment.

Pick Your Questions

Even though discussing your relationship is a serious matter using a serious tone isn’t going to help. So make sure that when you do ask your boyfriend the following questions that it doesn’t feel like some kind of interrogation – otherwise you might get the exact opposite of what you wanted in terms of a response.

Illustration of a man putting duct tape on his girlfriend's mouth to shut her up

One of the many uses of duct tape.

The Future – this type of question usually comes in the form of “Where do you see yourself in five years time?”, which is something often asked at job interviews, but it will still give you an idea of where your boyfriend sees his future going and whether or not you’re a part of that.

The Reasons – with this type of question you’re basically going to be asking your boyfriend the reasons why he fell in love with you in the first place, and why he still loves you now. When you’re asking your boyfriend this type of question you should realize that it might make him feel awkward, but you also need to watch his eyes for any signs of deception.

Hypothetical – these can be kind of fun or cute questions to ask your boyfriend, and they have the benefit of not feeling too serious. So you could try using a question like “If a bear attacked us in the woods how would you go about defending me?” Again this is a pretty quick way to find out how he feels about you and how protective he is of you too.

Just remember that asking your boyfriend questions about you relationship now and again is fine, but if you insist on asking him the same questions every single week you might find that he gets less and less receptive to answering them.

If you want some pointers on what men think about in terms of their relationships and just why they have those thoughts you might want to check out something called the “Secret Survey” by relationship guru Michael Fiore.

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