How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him

how to tell your boyfriend you love himThere comes a point in every relationship where one person or the other is going to want to tell the other person that they love them. Now there are any number of ways to show your boyfriend that you care, but when it comes to telling your boyfriend you love him it’s a different matter entirely.

In this article we’re going to look at the best ways for any girl to tell her boyfriend that she loves him, and some of the things you need to watch out for too.

So how do you go about telling your boyfriend that you feel the “L word” for him?

4 Ways To Tell Him You Love Him

Be Certain

The “L” word is one of the most important words in the English language and once you use it you can never take it back, so be absolutely 100% certain you mean it before you say it. You see the problem with the word “love” is that some people misuse it and this causes confusion, because when most people hear you say those 3 special words it will have a pretty big impact on them. So before you tell your boyfriend you love him make sure that you understand that this is deepening the commitment between you both – it’s not just a cute thing to say to a guy to get a reaction out of him.

Play With It

If you’re struggling to come up with the courage to just grab him, kiss him and tell him you love him then you can play games with the whole process first. You can playfully refer to saying “I love you”, as “The L word”, showing him that you’re thinking about it but not committing to saying it. Sometimes this hint is all a guy needs from you, he’ll take the lead here and admit that he loves you first, taking all the pressure off you. Love is a serious thing but sometimes telling somebody that you love them can be achieved while you’re both having fun at the same time.Girl holding her boyfriend and having fun in cold weather

The Right Time

There is no right time for telling your boyfriend that you love him, in the same way that there’s no specific time limit on how long you need to date somebody before you feel the emotion of love. A mother falls in her love with her newborn child during the 9-months the baby grows inside her, but she falls in love all over again when the child is born. Some people will say that you need to be dating a guy for 3/6/9 or 12 months before you say “it” but you’ll know what you feel in your own heart and when the time is right. The only exception I’ll make in terms of the “when” of you telling your boyfriend that you love him is that doing it on the first or second date might be rushing things just a tiny bit.

Demonstrate It

Showing your boyfriend that you love him is one of the quickest ways for him to understand how you feel about him, but now you need to know how to show your man that you love him. As with most things in life it’s not about big gestures – the small things matter the most. There’s any number of creative ways to show your boyfriend that you love him but sometimes it’s just matter of spending time with him doing things that you both love or just have fun with.

When you do tell your boyfriend that you love him it should be a pretty spontaneous thing – something you just feel in the moment. The more you plan it the more planned it will seem, so just go with the flow of your relationship and that moment when you tell him that you love him will happen naturally and without any real effort on your part.

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