How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating - 6 Warning Signs

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating – 6 Warning Signs

How to tell if your boyfriend is cheatingNo woman ever wants to imagine for a split second that her guy is ever going to cheat on her but unfortunately it’s a fact of life for many unlucky women out there. Now there are a lot of reasons for why a guy will cheat on you including insecurity, doubts about your relationship etc.

There’s also another classification of guy out there called a “player” and that’s who we’re going to look at today because these are the guys you need to catch early and make sure that they don’t ruin your life on any kind of permanent level.

What Are The Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Unexplained Absences

Does he go missing at all hours of the day or night and have absolutely no reason or explanation for where he was or what he was doing there? Does he tend to blame you for nagging at him and asking him these questions all the time? Chances are you have a player in your life because if he has nothing to hide surely he’d tell you what he’s doing right?

Socially Awkward

If your boyfriend refuses to go out to clubs, bars or restaurants with you every single time you ask him then there’s a reason for that and he probably needs to avoid certain people in his life. If you’re introduced to other women as anything other than his girlfriend then there’s a reason for that too – he needs to play up the fact that you’re just a friend of his, so you need to listen for any kind of ambiguous language he uses.

Locked Computer And Passwords

Does your boyfriend close the lid of his laptop every time you walk into the room and refuse to tell you what he was looking at? If he’s online does he use certain types of software to delete his browsing history and hide his passwords from you? How does he react if you ask him for the password of his Facebook account? People who are this secretive about their online activities generally have something to hide.

Multiple Phones

Funny cartoon image of a cheating boyfriend with a cell phoneUnless your boyfriend needs a phone for work and a separate personal phone there’s absolutely no reason for him to have two or more cell phones. The only reason a guy does this is that he needs to keep all his other girlfriends contacting him through just one phone – the one you never get access to. If your boyfriend has multiple phones ask him can you use one because your phone isn’t working and see how he reacts – his reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

Guilt Projection

One of the main signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you is that he’ll try to make you feel guilty for ever asking him any questions about what he gets up to. In fact most players will try to turn the tables and start accusing you of cheating instead – or basically trying to use their own guilt against you. If your boyfriend tries to make you feel at fault for asking him about cheating then there’s a really good chance he’s cheating on you.

Gut Instinct

Your gut instinct is there for a reason and if you’re wondering is your boyfriend cheating this extra sense of yours will usually warn you well in advance. Most players are terrible liars but very charming and your gut instinct can spot those lies every single time so don’t ignore it.

These are the main signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you and if nothing else listening to your inner voice that warns you to get away from him is the best advice I can give.