How To Talk To Your Boyfriend About Your Relationship

How To Talk To Your Boyfriend About Your Relationship

How to talk to your boyfriend about your relationshipThe most important aspect of the entire process of talking to your boyfriend about your relationship is to ask yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. What I mean by that is that if you’re going to start asking him questions about where your relationship is going, whether he still loves you or not, etc., then you should have a very clear idea of why you’re doing this.

If you’re just doing it because you’re mad at him for example, then that’s not a good start. Unless you have a clear goal for the end of the conversation you’re about to have with your boyfriend or partner, then you could find the whole thing unraveling into a 3-round knock out, verbal argument if you’re not careful.

4 Tips Before Talking To Your Boyfriend About Your Relationship

Communication Tips

The reality is that most couples don’t communicate nearly enough with each other, or communicate in the right way. So wanting to know how to communicate better with your boyfriend/husband/partner in a relationship is a sign of maturity on your part. Learning how to communicate properly with your boyfriend doesn’t mean that you need to go to a relationship counselor – you just need to start slowly and build from there. Communicating honestly and openly with each other is something that comes with practice and time, so don’t expect instant revelations overnight.

Illustration of a girl yelling at her frightened boyfriend

Make sure you do not yell when talking to him.

Avoid Stereotypes

Most women believe that men would rather eat their own feet than have a serious conversation about their relationship with you, but in 90% of cases nothing could be further from the truth. In fact you’ll find that once the door of communication is opened for your boyfriend he’ll come bursting through and probably surprise the hell out of you with how much he enjoys talking to you. Remember that your boyfriend is a human being too – even though he’s expected to live up to any number of dumb, antiquated stereotypes.

Keep It Short

Probably the biggest mistake I see couples making is that they think having a chat about their relationship is going to take 8 hours, 4 bottles of wine and at least 4 arguments, but that’s not how it needs to be. In fact I believe you should start with a quick conversation over a cup of coffee to get the ball rolling – this rips off the Band-Aid all at once. Then when you’ve broken the ice on being able to talk to each other about relationship stuff then it won’t hurt so much to do it again in the near future, if you have to that is!

Use Zombies

Yes I did actually just suggest that you use zombies as a way to talk to your boyfriend about your relationship. Right now the world is pretty much zombie crazy with the massive popularity of the World War Z book, The Walking Dead and some new zombie-related TV shows on the way too. The reason why you’d start talking to your boyfriends about zombies is that he won’t be able to refuse the bait – he’ll be as eager to sit down and talk to you about anything you want as a zombie chasing some fresh brains. Seriously thought it’s a great conversation starter and will appeal to a guy far, far, far more than hearing the dreaded “We need to talk” line.

Once you’re honest and open with each other then you really don’t have too much to worry about folks – that’s more than most couples ever achieve.

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