How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

How to talk dirty to your boyfriendBefore I start writing another word of this feature article I want to emphasize that the content I’m going to share here is strictly designed for people of over the age of 18 years of age. If you’re any younger than this please don’t ready any further – you have your entire life to be a grown-up so enjoy your childhood and teenage years while you can.

Language Of Desire - Nice GirlsIf you’ve come here to learn how to talk dirty to your boyfriend then you’ve come to the right place, especially considering the fact that I’m a guy so I know exactly what will turn most men on. Most importantly I also know what the biggest turn-offs for men are too. Actually while we’re covering that point here the biggest turn-off for men is the whole screaming thing – especially when we can see that you’re faking it. We know that you’re probably just trying to massage our male ego’s but all that screaming and roaring is just stopping us from being able to concentrate from enjoying having sex with you.

So let’s get busy with the whole process of how you can talk dirty to your boyfriend, and how it’s not so much “dirty talk” as it is sharing each other’s wants and desires. So instead of having silent sex you can spice things up by teasing and encouraging each other.

Quick Starter Guide On How To Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend


Women usually have sex on a more mental and emotional level than men, so fantasies play a key part in your sex life. This is completely healthy, even if you’re in a long-term and committed relationship. Part of having some naughty conversations with your boyfriend can involve sharing some of your fantasies with him such as places you want to have sex, stuff you’ve never tried together sexually or maybe even using some sex toys on each other. The one fantasy you should avoid sharing in almost every single case is one involving other men. Some men might want to see their girlfriends have sex with other guys but believe me ladies the vast, vast majority of us do not ever want to see that…or even think about it.Intimate couple in bed with a glass of champagne in their hands

Where You Are

Telling any guy that he’s about to make you come is the biggest compliment you can give him – he knows that you’re really enjoying being with him, in every sense of the word. Sometimes simply letting him know that you’re coming will be all he needs to hear to tip him over the edge of that sexual precipice too. In the lead up to your orgasm it’s not a bad idea to say things like “I’m getting so close… please don’t stop…it feels so good”, this is enough to encourage him to heights of sexual performance that you probably never even guessed he had in him. Oh and of course whispering that he feels “bigger than ever” is also going to put a smile on his face.Language Of Desire - Never Cheat

Be Yourself

If he’s used to you softly moaning during sex and you suddenly start screaming out things like “Give it to me big boy!!” or something similar, it isn’t going to sound natural. Whispering into his ear how wet and horny he’s making you is going to have a MUCH bigger impact than screaming obscenities at him. The very, very last place you want to get tips on how to talk dirty to each other is from porno movies, because that’s not how people talk to each other in real life. In fact that’s not what real people look like either, so it’s important to understand that pornography is fantasy and nothing else.

Just remember to be patient with yourself with dirty talk and start out small – learning how to talk dirty to your boyfriend is less like a sprint race and more like a long distance run. It’s definitely a race that you want to finish though!

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