How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy With Simple Things

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy With Simple Things

How to make your boyfriend happyIf you were to watch certain TV shows you’d see women who think that the entire universe revolves around them and that it’s a man’s duty to keep women happy. In fact most of these show that it’s never about how to keep your boyfriend happy – under any circumstances. Now to a certain extent, and based on our most primitive instincts, it is important for a man to keep a woman happy – after all she’ll be the person in the relationship responsible for giving him children. Okay I know that sounds really backwards to read but remember that by being in a relationship you’re now starting your own “tribe” to one extent or another – that’s just human nature at work folks.

Anyways getting back to the original point here – in a healthy and happy relationship both people work to keep each other happy. The best part about this is that keeping that guy you love truly happy is rarely about grand gestures like expensive gifts or foreign holidays. Instead it’s the simple things that can make a guy happy and I’ve put together a list of these for you.

4 Tips On How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

Men Aren’t Psychic

Probably the biggest myth in male-female relationships is that “if a guy truly loves you he’ll know what you’re thinking”. Ladies this is just the worst kind of pop-psychology going and I’ll be blunt guys hate having to try to guess what you’re thinking. They hate it even more when you say things like “..if you loved me you’d know”. One of the easiest ways to make your boyfriend happy is to not play mind games with him – all guys hate it. So when your fella asks you why you’re upset or where you’d really love to go on vacation just give him a straight answer; it will literally make his day!

Sex Does Matter

All too often sex is used as a weapon or a tool in relationships for people to get what they want, and the responsibility for this lies mostly with women. Now let me be straight here and say that there’s a lot, lot more to any relationship than just sex but if you think a relationship between two healthy young (or old) people can survive without intimacy then you’re definitely on the wrong path.

We all have our own list of things that either turn us on or turn us off so make sure you share those with your boyfriend. If you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend happy in bed it’s simply down to not refusing sex because you want him to do as he’s told and to share your own little sexual dreams and fantasies with him too.

Illustration of a woman being intimate with a man

Intimacy is important in a relationship.

Don’t Always Play Hard To Get

At the start of any relationship men expect to have to pursue a woman, and women expect to be chased down, courted and seduced – again this is the natural order of things. Now that’s not to say that a woman can’t chase down a guy she wants either – all is fair in love and war after all! The problem most guys have in any relationship that’s just out of the “honeymoon phase” is that some women still want to be chased so that they feel wanted. Playing hard to get in the early days of a relationship could mean a guy just walking away to find a more reasonably minded woman, but playing hard to get in an established relationship is childish. Don’t do it.

Insecurity Can Cause Paranoia

Contrary to what you might read in certain magazines making a man feel insecure isn’t a good idea. Actually it’s one of the worst things you can do because what starts off as mild insecurity can often lead to rampant paranoia. I’ve read articles which suggest that making a guy feel borderline insecure is a way to make him appreciate you more but usually the exact opposite happens. This ties in with the idea of expecting men to be psychic and playing mind games – don’t do it. You don’t need to cater to his ever whim to keep your man happy but I can guarantee you that playing with his emotions will end in disaster for your relationship sooner or later.

Making your boyfriend happy doesn’t require a degree in psychology or any kind of unusual tactics. All you need to be, in as much as is possible, is the same girl he fell in love with in the first place.

Yes it really is that simple.