How To Know If Your Boyfriend Loves You - 6 Signs

How To Know If Your Boyfriend Loves You – 6 Signs To Watch Out For

 How to know if your boyfriend loves youSo you’ve been dating your guy now for a while and everything is going well. At least everything except knowing whether or not your boyfriend loves you – something which every girl wants to know. Even if you’re not a big fan of romantic love and/or finding your soul mate nobody wants to be in a relationship with somebody who doesn’t love them – what would be the point?

What I’m going to focus on with this feature is figuring out the signs that show a guy really loves you.

6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Loves You


When a guy does the whole public display of affection (PDA) thing like kissing you, cuddling you and holding your hands in public this is him showing you off to the world. He’s not only proud to be with you but he wants the rest of the world to see how happy you make him. Showing affection for you in public is a very big step for most guys to take, so it’s a sign he’s either in love with you or rapidly falling in love with you.

Eye Gazing

The eyes are the window to the soul they say, and if you want to know how your boyfriend really feels about you then watch his eyes when he’s talking to you. One thing to really watch for is if he’s constantly gazing into your eyes – one of the key signs he is really into you. Most guys are busy checking out other stuff around them all the time, so when a guy is focusing on what you’re saying and looking into your eyes when you’re talking, then he loves you.

Learns About You

If your boyfriend is constantly wanting to know more about you as a person, your likes, dislikes and basically what makes you tick then this is a really good sign. He’s basically getting to know the person he intends spending a lot of time with, so it’s a pretty strong sign that your boyfriend loves you quite a bit. Most guys only care about themselves and what interests them, so when your boyfriend takes the time to find out more about you then this is something to pay attention to.

You Meet Everyone He Knows

Illustration of a boy and girl completely in loveA player will do everything in his power to stop you meeting his friends and family. A boyfriend who loves you however will want you to meet his friends, family and just about everyone else he knows. He’s showing you that he has nothing to hide from you, plus it’s also part of the PDA thing where he wants to show you off to the world. In the animal kingdom he’s be sticking his chest out or fanning his tail feathers.

Cares About Your Feelings

If a guy loves you then he’ll automatically feel protective of you – this is just the hunter/gatherer instinct kicking in. This also means that if you’re upset or worried about something then he’ll do his best to cheer you up and make everything ok again. He doesn’t have to do this for you, but he does it because he cares and that, in turn, means he loves you.

He Tells You

If you’re really lucky then your boyfriend will save you from all the guesswork and just tell you that he loves you, although you might need to tease this out of him regardless. Just bear in mind that he might say it jokingly to you because he’s kinda trying to figure out if you feel the same way, without scaring you off. Even if it’s said as a joke it means he’s thought about it and he’s hoping you’re able to read between the lines.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough to work with in the tips listed above, but of course I’d love to hear about any advice, information or tips you’d like to share on this topic too – just leave a comment underneath this page to get the conversation started!