How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose To You

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose To You

How to get your boyfriend to proposeThe dynamics of relationships have changed a lot over the last few decades and roles within both relationships and families have also changed quite a bit. Men are no longer expected to be the sole breadwinners and women are no longer expected to stay at home minding kids. That being said there are some things which have remained constant throughout the centuries and marriage is just one very good example of that.

For many women marriage is the ultimate long-term goal of any relationship and without it a lot of women can feel that their partner hasn’t fully committed to the relationship they’re in. Does that mean that if you don’t get married you can’t have a healthy relationship? Of course not but what I’m going to take a look at today is the problem of a girl being in a relationship and waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her, except she’s been waiting for quite some time now. Basically you’re fed up waiting and want him to at least show that he has some desire to marry you at some stage in the near future right?

Are there ways to get him to propose to you without having to resort to mind games and manipulation?

5 Tips On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

1. No Ultimatums

Giving your guy an ultimatum of “propose to me by X date or it’s over” is never going to work in your favor. Even if he does propose the reality is that you’ve just threatened him into doing it because he doesn’t want to be single again any more than you do. Remember that the day he proposes to you should be something that you both look back on and smile about in years to come – not that you forced him into doing something and he eventually gave in.

2. Is The Time Right?

Silhouette of a man proposing marriage to a woman at sunset on the beachDo you want your boyfriend to propose to you just because your best friend got engaged? If so that’s not a great place to start any marriage. It’s also a good idea to wait until the “honeymoon” period of your relationship is over before you make the decision to get engaged and then get married. Getting engaged after just a few weeks together is usually a recipe for disaster for example.

3. Discuss It

Most women expect their guys to be psychic and to be able to read their minds and know exactly what they want or need – that’s not how things work in real life though. If you’re really concerned that he hasn’t proposed or shown any signs of doing so then why not simply talk to him about it. If nothing else you’ll get an insight into where his mind and heart are right at that point in time – just be careful though because you might get an answer you don’t particularly like.

4. Eliminate Fears

Most men have a fear of commitment. Actually most men are terrified of commitment so make sure that you talk to him about the things he’s worried about in terms of marriage or proposing and get them out of the way. That leaves him a clear path to pop the question to you.

5. Remove External Pressure

If your friends or family are constantly dropping hints about engagements, marriage and babies ask them to stop because if he’s already uptight about the subject this definitely won’t help. It can also help if you don’t bring the subject up on a regular basis too – unless of course he seems to be ignoring the issue and hoping it just goes away.

Your boyfriend proposing to you should be the most natural and wonderful thing in the world so just because he hasn’t done it yet doesn’t mean he isn’t going to. Sometimes all you need is a little bit more patience and you never know what arrangements he could be making in the background.

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