How To Get Your Boyfriend To Kiss You For The First Time

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Kiss You For The First Time

How to get your boyfriend to kiss youThat first kiss is always one to remember but it can also be the most awkward experience in the entire world. When you’re in a comfortable and loving relationship kissing is just second nature and nobody thinks about whether or not it’s the right time to kiss – you do it casually and naturally. However when you’re on a first or second date and now you know you like the guy how on earth do you get him to kiss you?

Now for a guy that’s a lot of pressure straight away because that first kiss has to come from you, and it has to be a good one, so you need to know when the time is right. The time, as they say, is never right so you’ll find that most guys are just as nervous as you are about that first kiss. After all if he gets the timing or the moment wrong he risks blowing it with you and if you’re in second or third date territory that’s not what he wants to happen.

So is there any way that you can make your boyfriend kiss you, without making him feel like he was forced into it?

The Hug

The key to getting that first kiss is getting close enough to him so that distance isn’t a factor in his decision – you’re literally right there in front of him. So all you need to do is find an opportunity to hug him and as you draw away just let your cheek brush against his and keep your face an inch or two from his nose – but obviously not right on top of him…that would be just weird! Now he has the perfect opportunity to try for a kiss but make sure that you’re facing him when he does try!Sweet young couple preparing to kiss

Body Language

If the hug hasn’t worked then again try to get close enough so that he doesn’t run the risk of fumbling the attempt and feeling embarrassed as a result. One way to psychologically trick him into kissing you is to just look at his mouth when you’re talking to him and again obviously you don’t want to keep a fixed stare on his mouth but instead just glance at it now and again when you’re chatting over a cup of coffee. If nothing else this gives him a reason to ask “Why do you keep staring at my mouth?”, so you can reply with something like “Oh no reason” while smiling at him or you could simply say “I’ve been wondering all night what it would be like to kiss you” – at which point you can go for that classic coffee-shop-over-the-table-smooch.

What you need to do is spend as much time during the date actually facing him for this to happen so avoid places like the movie theater etc where you’re sitting side-by-side because that makes that “first kiss move” on his part pretty much impossible. Lots of eye contact also helps because he’ll be looking at your eyes and mouth for the signal that kissing you is perfectly acceptable.

Don’t forget to be patient too though because that first kiss means as much to a lot of guys as it does to a lot of girls too.



  • Esmeralda says:

    Hey my name is Esmeralda,
    I have a boyfriend but we mostly don’t see each another , I really miss him
    What should I do?

    And by the way I like how you help people with there life 🙂

  • Kaylee says:

    Yea I have a boyfriend and he’s told me a million probobly a thousand times he’s wanted to kiss me but nothing ever like happens

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    So me and my bf just started dating and he wants to kiss me but I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

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