How To Get A Boyfriend - Advice From The Male Perspective

How To Get A Boyfriend – Advice From The Male Perspective

How to get a boyfriendIf you’re single right now, or you’ve been single for a while, and you’re on the lookout for a boyfriend then you’re not alone. In fact despite all of the online dating sites that exist a lot of women are still struggling to find Mr. Right, and not just Mr. Right Now.

If though you ask most women why they can’t find a boyfriend they’ll tell you that all the good guys are gone, and that it’s really tough to find a new man. Now if you flip that coin over and ask any guy why he’s single and he’ll tell you a different story – usually revolving around women demanding perfection in everything a guy does or is.

The slant of this article is going to be from the male perspective because…well…I’m male. As I keep saying though if you want to learn more about men then ask a male friend for advice – there’s very little point in asking female friends. In fact asking single women for advice on men is like a fish trying to explain to a bird what it feels like to breathe water.

3 Tips On How To Get A Boyfriend

Your Expectations

How many times have you met a great guy, gone on a couple of wonderful dates with him and then focused in on the one single thing you really didn’t like about him? “He’s a funny, charming guy but he needs to drop 20 pounds…I don’t like that poochy belly on him” – does that sound even the tiniest familiar to you? Ladies I’m going to let you in on a little secret here: Absolutely no man is perfect – we all have flaws. So if you’re constantly finding yourself meeting “great” guys and then breaking up with them I’d recommend you read a book called “Marry Him” by Lori Gottlieb – it will open your eyes up to a few realities you probably don’t want to think about.

Illustration of a drunk man with a bottle in his hand

No man is perfect.

Drop The Mind Games

You know that whole thing about not calling a guy for 3 days after your first date, or how you’re meant to play hard to get because a real man would pursue you? That stuff drives guys crazy and straight into the arms of another woman who doesn’t act like she’s a petulant 16-year old. Mind games and drama aren’t attractive in teenagers and they’re even less attractive in a grown woman. There are no set rules for how you should meet, date or fall in love with a guy, so applying “rules” or “tactics” is kinda silly. You can have that fairytale romance, and maybe even a fairytale wedding, but you’ll have to drop all the mind games first.

Be You

I know that’s a terribly clichéd thing to say but it’s true. In fact on top of being “you” also try to be friendly and be open to opportunities and new ideas too. You see when most guys check out a girl for the first time they’ll do it check from the top down – eyes, smile and then….other areas. The problem is that if he gets past you staring coldly at him and sees a mouth without a hint of a smile on it then you just bowed out of the flirting dance with him. Even if you’re overweight wearing a killer smile and showing some confidence will sink the battleship of the girl beside you doing her best impression of Samantha from Sex And The City.

If I can leave you with no other advice in relation to finding a boyfriend next week, next month or next year then it’s this: The best relationships grow from men you form friendships with first and then develop a romantic relationship with later on. This is absolutely critical because as the years go by and your looks fade and time takes a hold of you both, having your best friend by your side and still being in love with them is what will carry you through the tough times neither one of you foresaw.

Or the short version is: If you only date good looking a$$holes and keep getting treated badly by them, then why not try dating a nice guy for a change instead?