How To Get A Boyfriend In High School

How to get a boyfriend in high schoolNow that you’ve finally gotten out of middle school you’re getting a chance to enjoy the feeling of being a “grown up” in high school. Of course this is all part of your journey into your college years, where you’ll start to really learn about life and what matters most to you. The dating experience in high school will vary from one country to the next, based on the expectations and social structure of people living in that country. Basically what works in terms of dating in high school in the United Kingdom will be a very, very different experience to Canadian high school kids and their dating habits.

If you take the United States or Canada for example you’ll notice that a lot of kids start to date in a pretty serious way at roughly 16 year of age or younger. The reason why this happens is that by the age of 16 most American kids have a driving license and many of them will graduate and leave for college before they’re even 18. This means that a lot of American children tend to date and then marry their childhood sweetheart by the age of 21 – especially in Canada. In Europe this is something which just wouldn’t happen because most people don’t start dating properly until they’ve graduated from college and are already started in their career.

So when it comes to finding a boyfriend when you’re in high school the very first thing I’ll say here is that you shouldn’t be panicking if you can’t find one. Obviously for your prom or debutante ball you want to have a nice guy to bring as a date, but that doesn’t need to mean a lifelong commitment to somebody who hasn’t fully matured yet – most guys don’t even come close to maturity until they’re about 25. That’s probably the biggest problem with trying to have a big, serious relationship while in high school – it’s basically two kids trying to act like adults – and usually not making a very good job of it.High school couple in love

It’s also important to avoid the popularity contests that are almost epidemic in high schools all over the world. So instead of trying to date the “popular guy” or the school jock why not try to find a boyfriend you have something in common with, who makes you laugh, treats you well and who you basically enjoy spending time with? You’re probably not going to win any awards for dating a “normal” guy, but then do you really want to behave like a sheep and just follow along with what every other girl in your high school is doing, wearing or dating? You’re more of an individual than that right?

Sometimes meeting and dating a normal guy during high school could lead to you spending the rest of your life with him, if you choose to, but then if you find a great guy early on in life why not stick with him? That being said you should be putting yourself under zero pressure to find a life partner at this point in time – graduate first and then see what direction your life takes you in from there.

High school is one of the most formative times in your life so it’s important that you balance the experience out between having fun, getting a great education and learning more about yourself as a person.

Remember one thing: Not being able to find a boyfriend during your high school years doesn’t make you a loser – it just means you were smart to avoid all the losers you could have wound up dating and regretting it.



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