How To Get A Boyfriend In College - Who Is The Right One?

How To Get A Boyfriend In College – Who Is The Right One For You?

How to get a boyfriend in collegeAlthough going to college is meant to be about education and broadening your academic horizons it’s also got a lot to do with dating new people and finding out what really makes you tick as a person. You see for most people their college experience is their first time away from home, so they have no constraints, no curfew and nobody looking over their shoulder checking up on what they’re doing. You are totally free for the first time in your life to do, think and act as you please (within legal limits of course) because you literally have a fresh start in life.

For a lot of young women going to college also gives them the opportunity to put their awkward high school and middle school years behind them and reinvent themselves in the process. In fact a lot of young women who probably didn’t consider themselves to be very attractive suddenly find themselves blooming and getting a lot more confident than they were in their teenage years, which should make the whole issue of finding a boyfriend in college a lot easier.

Even if you’re not exactly overflowing with confidence when you’re in college it doesn’t really matter because you’re going to be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other people with similar interests, a similar outlook on life and who are also probably pretty painfully single. This means that your dating opportunities have just been multiplied to the point where instead of having maybe a handful of people you were interested in dating in high school, you now have dozens.

When it comes to college dating it’s no different to dating in any other stage of your life – both before and after college – in that you should be looking for a few key things in any prospective boyfriend:Illustration of a young man carrying a stack of books

  • Treats you well
  • Goes to class
  • Respects you
  • Has hopes, dreams and ambitions
  • Reads books (John Waters once said that if you meet somebody who doesn’t read books then don’t sleep with them.)

The actual “meeting” part isn’t something you really need to focus on too much because college will provide you with more social functions, clubs and occasions than you possibly fit into a single lifetime.

In fact you’re going to be surrounded by guys of all shapes and sizes and you’re going to find at least a few of them attractive. Plus the other benefit is that college is literally full of guys who are looking for girlfriends. In short nobody wants to be single in college.

A lot of young women jump at the chance of living with their boyfriend during their college years, but there are pros and cons to this. Firstly college is meant to be about freedom of expression and freedom of lifestyle, so I’m not sure living like a married couple is a great idea. Secondly if you enter into a really serious relationship while you’re in college and you’re sharing classes (or even a campus) with a guy, then any break up could get really, really awkward for both of you.

Getting a boyfriend in college definitely doesn’t need to be hard work – just don’t go chasing players; they’re never worth the effort.