How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Hurting Him

How to break up with your boyfriendKnowing when to end a romantic relationship is just as important as knowing how and when to begin one, but the entire process of breaking up is very different for men and women. The biggest problem most women have with the breaking up process is that they simply have no idea how to break up with their boyfriend – even when they know they have to do it.

So what I’m going to cover here today is the breakup process from a guy’s point of view and give you some tips on how to manage the situation that little bit more smoothly.

3 Tips On How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

The Signs

If you’re still in the early part of the breaking up process then you’re probably wondering if there are specific signs that you should break up with you boyfriend, right? There’s no blueprint for any relationship and that includes listing specific reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t be his girlfriend anymore. Generally speaking the most common reasons women have for breaking up with their guys are:Illustration of a woman kicking her boyfriend in the ass

So if you’re noticing that these are elements in your relationship then it’s usually a pretty clear sign that a breakup is on the cards. Most women are very intuitive, relying on their gut feeling to help them make decisions and to be honest I think that’s the biggest, best and most obvious sign out there – you know in your heart that something is wrong and you just can’t shake it. There can be a lot of reasons to break up with your man but what it will always come down to is that you’re simply not happy in the relationship anymore.

The “How To”

Again there’s no one set of steps you can use to end a relationship with a guy, because every guy is different. When it comes to the actual “breaking up with him” part then be honest with him, but don’t set out to hurt him – you won’t achieve anything by making him feel bad. Being honest with somebody you once loved isn’t always easy, but it does give you a very clear path to getting closure and moving on sooner rather than later. In my experience even the most expertly crafted set of lies will backfire on you, whereas being honest never can. In the end it’s your choice though.

Breaking up by note

Never write just a note to break up with your boyfriend.

If you want to leave your boyfriend and you don’t love him anymore then do it like an adult, and do it with class. Things you really need to avoid doing are breaking up by email, by text message or just leaving him a note. This is because it leaves far too many questions unanswered for him, and, let’s face facts, there are better ways to break up with somebody.

The Aftermath

Even if you’ve done your very best to be honest with your now ex-boyfriend when you broke up with him, and you also put real effort into not hurting him, you should probably still prepare yourself for some emotional fallout afterwards. The reality is that there’s no truly “nice” way to break up with a guy – unless of course he just has no emotions at all, or he was a total player in the first place. This is where the “No Contact” rule comes in very handy – you completely avoid each other for at least a few weeks to make the healing process easier for both of you, but especially him.

If and when your ex-boyfriend does get in touch with you (and you’re absolutely certain that you no longer love him) then just gently and firmly remind him that you’re doing this so to not waste his time and to give him the space in his life to find a girlfriend who can give him what you can’t – which is the love he deserves in the first place. This way he knows you’re acting out of love for him as a friend and nothing else. The one thing you should never, ever, ever say is “It’s not you it’s me” or repeat some other silly sound bite you heard on a TV show – speak from the heart and he will understand.

Do you have any tips for the best way to break up with a boyfriend, based on your own experiences? If you do then why not leave a comment below this article so that other people can benefit from your advice?