What Are The Best Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend?

What Are The Best Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend?

Gifts to get your boyfriendIf there’s any one benefit to dating a guy it’s that we’re very, very predictable, so buying a gift for us shouldn’t even be a something you have to struggle too hard at. What I’m going to look at in this article is how you go about figuring what to get your boyfriend as a gift – giving you some insight into how men think and what stuff to watch out for. Unlike buying a gift for another woman you’re going to find most men are almost transparent when it comes to stuff they want.

So let’s get started here!

Finding The Right Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend

Stalk Him

Okay I don’t mean that creepy “put the lotion in the basket” kind of stalking, but just start paying careful attention to things he buys for himself like magazines, cologne, websites he talks about or any kind of a hobby he might have. Basically start building a “gift profile” for him and you really need to pay attention to when he talks about how his buddy just got a new watch/laptop/gaming console/whatever because he’s subconsciously give you hints here about those gadgets or items he’s really craving after.Happy man holding his new laptop while sitting on the floor

Avoid Ties

You can also avoid socks, shirts and most other items of clothing you might be thinking about buying for your boyfriend for the simple reason that you like that piece of clothing, but he’ll probably hate it. The problem is that he can’t tell you that he hates or he risks starting an argument with you, so he’ll silently put it somewhere in his closet and hope you never ask him to wear it. Believe me, every single boyfriend on planet Earth has a closet full of clothing “gifts” that will never see the light of day. Unless of course your boyfriend is 100% metrosexual, in which case just go shopping together.

Old Reliables

Fortunately because men are simple creatures there are some gifts that you can buy your boyfriend with almost no research. One perfect example of this is finding out what his favorite movies are and buying him a piece of movie memorabilia or a collectible from that movie (including toys…men are never too old for toys) – he’ll love it. Or if you want to simplify things further just ask his buddies if he’s more of a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, and then buy him a collectible from that particular movie franchise – easy as pie folks!


If you’ve done all your research and finding a great present for your boyfriend is still no clearer for you, then you can always simply buy him some underwear, or rather you can buy some sexy lingerie and surprise him with it some evening. Ok it’s a bit clichéd but when was the last time sexy lingerie failed when you tried it? Exactly! I’m going to spend more time in other articles actually picking out specific gifts for your boyfriend and explaining exactly why he’d probably love them. So even if you find that the information here isn’t exactly what you want, you can rest assured there’s plenty more gift buying tips on the site.