My List Of Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

My List Of Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

Cute things to text your boyfriendSome of you reading this might remember the days before everyone owned a cell phone. Back then if you wanted to meet up with somebody you called their house, left a message and met them. Or if it was long distance you wrote them a letter and hoped that they got it! These days you can be in touch with your boyfriend literally 24/7/365 if you want to – which can be both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. How can it be a bad thing? Well have you ever sent somebody a text message, not gotten a reply and then become suspicious or paranoid as a result?

We can all run out of things to say by text to the people we love, so if you’re looking for some cute things to text your boyfriend, at night or in the morning, I’m here to help you with that particular problem. Sending your boyfriend a cute, sweet or romantic text message is a just a nice thing to do and let’s you know that you think about him when he’s not there. Obviously you don’t want to text him so much that you seem like a stalker but letting him know that you care enough to text him during the day will mean a lot to him.

Just on a side note here but I get started with all the cute text ideas I realized that some of you might be in a situation where you need to reignite the passion in your existing relationship or maybe even convince your ex boyfriend to try again with you. If that’s where you are right now then you should check out “Text The Romance Back” or “Text Your Ex Back”  by Michael Fiore – you won’t be sorry you tried it.

4 Suggestions For Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend

Simple and Classic

Before you get yourself stressed out with trying to come up with something so clever that nobody has ever thought of it before why not just keep it simple and text him something like “Hey stud…just thinking about you” or “Hey lover – can’t get you out of my mind today”. Remember it doesn’t need to be a love poem – just something short and sweet that will put a smile on his face.

Funny Things

Illustration of a funny mobile phone character with thumb up

Send him a joke or funny story.

If you just got a joke by text from one of your friends you can send it on to your boyfriend too, if you think he’d get a laugh from it. This saves you having to come up with something and shows him that you get his sense of humor and took the time out of your day to share a laugh with him. There are dozens of websites and blogs with jokes for you to “borrow” if you don’t have anything on your phone to send him.

Straight To The Point

Not everyone is good with poetry, jokes or other catchy types of text messages, so sometimes keeping the message as straightforward as possible is the best thing to do. Saying something like “You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go asleep each night”, or another option would be “I really miss you being around and just wanted to let you know that I love you, I miss you and I hope you have a great day x”. Actually just including a few kisses (xxx) in a text message says as much as any guy needs to hear from you.


One of the nicest things any girl can send her boyfriend is just a picture of herself smiling, winking or blowing a kiss at the camera. I know that sounds really, really cheesy but it does work. I can guarantee you that he’ll check out that photograph a few times before you meet him again, and he’ll be smiling every time he looks at it. Good guys love to have a picture of the girl they love on their phone.

There are literally millions of different cute things you can send your boyfriend in a text message but the main thing is don’t get too hung up on the content, the style or spellchecking it. Just saw what’s in your heart and that should be more than enough.