14 Really Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

14 Really Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Cute nicknames for your boyfriendThere comes a time in every relationship when you’re going to have nicknames for each other, or at least you’re going to try. Now some couples have no problem with choosing nicknames for each other but the vast majority of women can struggle to come up with a nickname for their boyfriend that’s both cute and rugged at the same time.

What you’re aiming for here is the kind of nickname that sums him up all one fell swoop. Oh and bear in mind that whatever nickname you choose it’s probably going to need to be age-relevant too, well most of the time at least.

So what are cute nicknames for your boyfriend – ones that can be used in public and in private too?


In terms of boyfriend nicknames this is about as old-school as it gets but if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Using this on guys over the age of 40 will probably be more effective though – younger guys probably won’t get it.


You can use this nickname with your guy for a lot of reasons, including if he’s an actual cowboy, rides a motorbike or just likes Clint Eastwood movies. Calling any dude “cowboy” will generally get you a large number of brownie points .


If you really want to appeal to his masculinity then calling him “stallion” will make his chest swell up with masculine pride. It might also suggest you’re in the mood for some fun in the bedroom so be careful where and when you call him this.

Funny illustration of a thin man in the underwear and his girlfriend thinking about a man with muscles

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, but you can still call him stallion.


This is a real general-purpose one as nicknames for your boyfriend go and one you’ll find a lot of women using it both in public and in private. You can use this one on a temporary basis but I’d suggest you come up with something a bit more “him” in the long run.


You can use “bear” in a couple of different ways – like calling him “bear” in public and things like “cuddle bear” and “honey bear” when you’re alone together. One word of warning here is that “bears” are also hairy, homosexual men so if you call him a “bear” and he reacts funny that’s why.


This is another “old” nickname you can use but no guy will ever say not to being called a stud by his girlfriend or wife.

Captain/General/Admiral Snuggles

Using any kind of military rank as part of your boyfriend’s nickname is fine but again the “snuggles” part is something you’ll only use when you’re alone together.


It doesn’t matter why or when you call a guy this you’ll get an approving smile and a cuddle/hug/smooch as thanks – perfectly acceptable to use in public.

Hot Stuff

This is a little bit 80’s when it comes to cute boyfriend nicknames, but it’s still perfectly acceptable to use when you’re alone with him…or if you’re in the mood for something more intimate. If you add a wink and a smile when you’re saying this then I think you know what happens next.Smiling black man holding hands in his pockets

Mr. Poopyhead

Okay this is definitely not a cute name to call your boyfriend; it’s more useful if he’s done something that bugged you. Like left the toilet seat up for example, or not putting the cap back on the toothpaste. Calling him this can lead to an argument so you’ve been warned!


Again this pet name for a boyfriend is old but it still has that classic never-goes-out-of-fashion thing about it too. Calling your guy “tiger” is like calling him “stallion” – you’re acknowledging everything that makes him a man, and he’ll love you for saying it

Sweetie Pie

Even thought this is a little bit saccharine it’s still going to put a smile on the face of most guys – there’s something timeless about this one that seems to appeal to guys everywhere


This isn’t so much a nickname as what you shout at him when he won’t get up for work/out of the shower/out of the car as quickly as you’d like him to. On the flip side of this it is a normal term of affection between couples but probably doesn’t really count as a long-term nickname.


As far as masculine nicknames go these are the ones that you definitely don’t call him in public – at least not unless you like the idea of getting a cab home – calling them names like this in public puts a dent in a guys ego so avoid it – seriously.

So now you have lots of classic, standard and even cheesy nicknames for your boyfriend – or you can mix and match the ones listed above here and come up with your own. As you can see there’s no need to struggle with what to call your boyfriend in terms of a nickname – there are lots and lots of options so have fun choosing one!

What is your favorite nickname to give a boyfriend and why? Did you base it on his physical attributes or just something you thought was cute like his smile or how he hugs you?

Why not leave a comment below here and we’ll see are there any trends in how girls pick cute names for their boyfriends!



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