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The Magic Of Making Up Review

The Magic Of Making Up

If you’ve been looking for some way to save your relationship or your marriage you’ve probably come across dozens, or possibly hundreds, of eBooks and other infoproducts available online. The reality is that the vast majority of troubled relationships can be saved – even ones that have ended in divorce or where your spouse has wound up serving a prison sentence!

Most people make two key mistakes when it comes to dealing with relationships. First off they neglect the relationship until your loved one just gives up and walks away and then, secondly, you wind up begging and pleading with your ex in the hope of getting them back. But this pleading (text messages, phone calls, accidentally “bumping into” them in public) just leads them to get even more angry with you and resent you even more. There’s a better way to get your ex back and in the eBook "The Magic Of Making Up" T.W Jackson shows you what has worked for him and countless thousands of others.

About T.W Jackson

T.W Jackson

T.W Jackson (also known as "T Dub") is an ex military guy who spent a large part of his youth in the armed forces of the United States, serving all over the world. Once he was back working as a civilian he then spent several more years working in IT and the odd thing is that all of his military experience, traveling and working in a face-to-face role with people made him a master of not only making friends quickly but he also became an expert at understanding how people function at an emotional level.

What came from this is that he wound up becoming an "Agony Aunt" of sorts for all of his friends and family and this eventually led him to creating "The Magic Of Making Up" in an effort to help as many people as possible with their relationship problems - after all he couldn't be everywhere at once could he?

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What Do You Get In "The Magic Of Making Up" Package?

This is an instantly downloadable infoproduct so once you've paid the tiny amount it costs you'll have instant access to the eBook and bonuses that come as part of the overall package. The main guide is split up into 8 individual chapters spread over 62-pages of content.

Now to some people 62-pages might not seem like a lot but believe me the last thing most people want to be doing is trudging through a 300-page eBook trying to find the few pages of information that really matter - especially when you're already upset and looking for answers. This eBook explains exactly how to get your ex back and how to do that in the simplest possible way.

Here's what you'll get to learn from "The Magic Of Making Up" eBook:

MOMU eBook
  • How to avoid “text message terrorism”
  • How to agree with the breakup – and make that work for you
  • Why relationships actually end – the truth and not just assumptions
  • ​How to get your ex to go on a date with you
  • ​The Bonding Secret – based on the same psychology which sees hostages bonding with their kidnappers (called Stockholm Syndrome)
  • The Instant Reconnect Technique – this is psychological ju-jitsu and will actually have your ex believing that you’re still together and never really broke up
  • How to handle sleeping together again for the first time – this can be a make or break “event” for both men and women
  • Fast Forward Technique – helps you deal with any self-esteem issues that are crippling you right now and preventing your renewed relationship from moving forwards

There are also several bonuses included with this infoproduct including the “Clean Slate method” which you can use to reset the clock no matter what hurt has been done in the past either by your ex or by your own hand. This isn’t the only bonus included but I’m going to leave the rest for you to discover and enjoy in your own time.

It’s also worth remembering that even a relationship expert like T.W Jackson acknowledges that not every single relationship can be saved. Chapter 8 is dedicated to that and helping you move on with your life, if that’s the case.

Is there anything I didn’t like about The Magic Of Making Up? Nope – it’s a pretty comprehensive self-help package and has helped thousands of people salvage failed and failing relationship so the guy obviously knows what he’s doing!


There are no impossible situations once you understand the dynamics of relationships and how to handle a breakup positively and calmly - it's only when you overreact that you tend to lose your loved one forever. "The Magic Of Making Up" teaches you that what you need to do to get your ex back is actually very different to what you want to do or would usually do.

You can download "The Magic Of Making Up" right now!