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Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back

You’re probably aware that there are a lot of information products out there on how to go about getting your ex back but you may not be familiar with the idea of using text messages to get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back? In his program "Text Your Ex Back" Michael Fiore teaches you how to use simple yet powerful text messages to ignite the flames of romance in the heart of your ex all over again. Before we go any further though let’s take a look at exactly who the author of this self-help guide is.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship coach based in Seattle, Washington who has had years of experience helping people with their relationship problems. In fact Michael himself was once dumped by text message so he's not just talking from theory here - he truly understands what it's like to be on the receiving end of a nasty breakup too.

In his program Michael focuses on using the modern cell phone technology of text messages to bring people closer together, after all you all send a lot of text messages each day so why not make the most of this technology when it comes to matters of the heart?

What Do You Get In The "Text Your Ex Back" Program?

"Text Your Ex Back" program is designed for use by either men or women in helping them realize the single massive mistake they’ve been making in trying to get back together with their ex – the same key mistake that 99.9% of people make. The program is divided into 11 modules and you can follow each module either through 76-page downloadable eBook, or you can watch videos in the members area directly on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The 11 modules are:

  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - The Dumper and the dumped
  • Module 3 - The Big Goal
  • Module 4 - Flight Check
  • Module 5 - Text Judo
  • Module 6 - Across the Bow
  • Module 7 - Prepping the Soil
  • Module 8 - The Green-Eyed Monster
  • Module 9 - Planting the Seeds
  • Module 10 - Reaping the Harvest
  • Module 11 - Texting Steady
TYEB eBook

The good news is that this is a step-by-step system which teaches you how to use the 5 main types of text messages you can send to your ex to help heal the rift between you and help you fall in love with each other again. Michael also goes into a lot of detail in explaining the 3 key things you need to “change” for your ex to think about you differently; this information alone is worth its weight in gold.

Each of the 5 main types of text messages also contain sub-types and you’re given plenty of copy-and-paste examples that you can use straight away or that you can modify to suit your own particular romantic needs. This program shows you exactly which types of text messages you need to send to not only have your ex thinking about you in a positive and loving way (probably for the first time in months) but to actually make them want to contact you first and take the initiative in getting back together with you.

The really neat thing about the "Text Your Ex Back" program is that because you’re using expertly crafted, romantically charged text messages to contact your ex with there’s no way you’ll ever come across as desperate or needy. What this program teaches you isn’t how to beg or plead effectively but instead how to take the end of one relationship with your ex and create a brand new relationship with them from that and in the most positive way possible!

You will also get 4 special bonuses:

Bonus #1 - The complete audio version of the training

Bonus #2 - Instant Forgiveness

  • Michael Fiore and Dr. Frederic Luskin teach you a simple method you can use in just 5 minutes anywhere you are, to instantly force your ex boyfriend or girlfriend to truly forgive you for anything you do "wrong" in your relationship.

Bonus #3 - The Infidelity Buster

  • In this special program Michael and Dr. Jan Hall blow apart every myth you've heard about cheating. You'll learn the real reason men and women cheat in relationships, and how to regain trust after a partner has cheated.

Bonus #4 - 100-Ready-To-Use-Texting-Formulas

  • Text Your Ex Back is absolutely packed with texts which are irresistible to your ex. But, once you see what Michael has created for you, you're just going to want more. Which is why you'll also get 100 simple, proven texting formulas which you can quickly customize by just "plugging in" a few small details. You will never have to think about what to text your ex ever again.

People are far too quick to end relationships these days and often this is based on advice from their eternally single friends or some piece of “pop” psychology they saw on TV. A loving relationship isn’t something you should dispose of without giving it a chance to grow but if that has happened to you then the "Text Your Ex Back" program can help you build that relationship, through the power of text messages, all over again.

Just remember that no eBook or set of text messages can repair some relationships – they’re simply over and usually with a very good reason for that happening.

TYEB Complete Package


So if your current attempts at getting your ex back just aren't working at all then "Text Your Ex Back" can provide you with a set of tried and tested text messages that have been very effective for thousands of other people in helping them recreate that loving relationship they've been missing so much!

The sooner you take action the sooner you can be staring into the eyes of your ex all over again - the only way you can be sure this program will work for you is to try it!

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    Please help. I really have to win my ex boyfriend back. I lied and pushed him away. How can I pull him back and make him realise my love for him? I need him!

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