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Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey

If you ask most women what one single thing they want in their relationship you’d find that the vast majority of them would like to be able to read their boyfriends or husband’s mind. You see the reality is that what scares a man more than just about anything else is dealing with women’s emotions and, in turn, their ability to deal with their own emotions. You see men are taught from a very young age that emotions should be hidden and that “big boys don’t cry” - just as an example.

So in an effort to get past all the pretence, posturing and confusion for both men and women Michael Fiore sent out a survey to tens of thousands of men to ask them what they most wanted their girlfriends or wives to know about them - without having to tell them. This "Secret Survey" then became the foundation of more research by Michael into this subject because the results of the survey indicated that this information needed to be shared with the world - especially for all Michael’s female clients.

You see if you really want to understand what’s going on in a man’s mind then you need to get that advice from another man and who better to get that advice from then relationship expert Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore - An Intro


Working from his Seattle office Michael has been sharing his message of hope in relationships with tens of thousands of men and women from all over the world for several years now. You're probably familiar with this "Text Your Ex Back" infoproduct I'm sure. Michael has come from being a relative unknown in the self-help industry to being featured on TV news and chat shows - including the Rachael Ray show, and he's been very well received on every single occasion.

Now with Michael's new, and hotly anticipated, product "Secret Survey" he finally gives women a look inside the minds of men everywhere and the results have taken people by storm.

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What Can You Expect From The "Secret Survey" Program?

The whole basis of the "Secret Survey" is Michael Fiore just flat-out asking his male clients what they wished women knew about men, if women were psychic for example. This information was then taken and researched and what came out of all the work were some pretty stunning revelations that were then assembled into a new and ground-breaking infoproduct.

So without wasting any more time let’s have a quick look at this program in my overview/review of the "Secret Survey" product.

Firstly you get 8 instantly downloadable lessons in audio, text and video format so even if you can't watch them you can listen to them - even on the way to work. Far too many infoproducts are released either just in PDF or video format, so it's a nice touch to see an author taking the time to make their information available in several formats.

SS Complete Main Program

The other good news is that the product is all "meat and no filler", so to speak. Michael doesn't waste any time getting down into the business of answering all the "big" questions which women have had for decades, like the following examples:

  • Why does your man look at other women?
  • How can you interpret "man speak"
  • The 3 reasons men lie
  • ​Using projective empathy to read his mind - at least that’s what it will feel like
  • ​The real reasons for men cheating - and how you can stop it
  • ​Discover his deepest sexual desires and then how to make yourself the object of those same desires
  • Finally getting rid of your relationship anxiety/insecurity

What’s really different about this program when you compare it with most other “relationship help” style products is that it’s based on actual research and not just speculation or theory. Michael has done his due diligence here by actually going out and asking thousands of men for their opinion. You’re getting real feedback from real men here. It’s also really important that you’re getting a look at male psychology from a male perspective because, to be honest, nobody understands how a man thinks except another man.

You also get these bonuses absolutely free with your purchase:

SS Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Unstoppable Confidence

  • Interview with relationship expert Michael Griswold. Learn how to have unstoppable confidence with men.

Bonus #2 - The Insecurity Cure

  • Interview with relationship therapist and counselor Eric Candall. Find out why you’re wracked by insecurity in your relationships.

Bonus #3 - Sex Lies Exposed

  • Devastating lies about sex that are killing your relationships with men.


The information shared in the "Secret Survey" may not be for everyone because it does get into the area of sexual desires and fantasies and this might not be information every woman wants to know about their boyfriend or husband. But if you're prepared to keep an open mind and learn from what Michael has put together here I'm pretty sure it's going to help your relationship with your boyfriend or husband on a lot of levels.

If you want to learn how to understand men and what's going on in your mans head then the "Secret Survey" will give you a great head start - you can order online right now!

  • sherri munson shook says:

    I would really like to learn this so i caould make things right n not lose my husband.but i dca t aford it.i love my husband n respect him but i dont n cant take mind games or him disrespecting me. N with mind games i dont know whats real or not. Im haveing a hardtime trusting anybody at this point n i dont understand it cause .i dont cheat or steal.n i love him so much. I want to be ae to trust him n peaple in

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