Sex Books - Everything You Want To Know About Sex

Sex Books – Everything You Want To Know About Sex…But Didn’t Know Who To Ask

Sex booksIt’s odd how sex is treated differently by different cultures around the world, especially the ones who wrote the handbook on sex like India for example. You would expect the country that spawned the Kama Sutra to be a sexually liberated country, but it’s the exact opposite – to the point where displaying any signs of affection in public is frowned upon. In other countries that are apparently more devoutly religious you can’t move for the seedy sex industries situated there.

Sex itself is a subject which most people feel uncomfortable talking about, simply because their parents felt uncomfortable talking about it too. Times are changing though and people are realizing that understanding sex, and your sexuality is important, if for no other reason than understanding how important sexual health is – both for you and your sexual partners. So this section of the site will be dedicated to books about sex, including sex education books for adults and teenagers, books on sexuality and even a range of sex education books for people of the Christian faith.

Couple lying on the beach kissingThe idea of learning about sex from a book might seem a little bit backward to some people reading this but it’s worth remembering that for literally thousands of years that’s exactly how most people got their sex education. Learning about sex is something which most people would rather do in the privacy of their own homes, and without people knowing about it, so a book can be the best way to achieve that goal. If you take the example of somebody who might be struggling with the question of their own sexuality, or the sexuality of one of their children, this is something which a person will want to study in absolute privacy, making books ideal.

The flip side of all this serious talk is that sex is meant to be fun, and is one of the healthiest things two consenting adults can do together. I’m going to spend some time in this section reviewing books on sex education which will help you put more “Va-Va-Voom” back into your sex life, something which most couples who have been together a few years are usually desperately in need of. You’ll probably find the conversations we have in this part of my website pretty frank and unedited, so if you’re easily offended or dislike talking or reading about topics of a sexual nature then this serves as your friendly warning of the type of content you can expect to find me talking about here.

Illustration of a passionate couple undressing For guys reading this you can expect to find lots of reviews and information on how to improve your performance in the bedroom, with some of the books sharing some very surprising information with you, and sexual performance techniques which don’t require the use of pills, pumps or anything else for that matter. If you think you have nothing else to learn about sex as a man, then this section of my website will be encouraging you to snap out of that dream pronto.

Ladies you get the insider knowledge from a guy on what makes guys happy, as well as some completely unbiased reviews of books in relation to better sex for women and female sexuality too. If nothing else you’ll get a refreshing insight on sexuality from a man, because every piece of sexual advice you’ve received so far has probably come from a woman, right?

So basically if your sex life isn’t quite what it used to be, you’ve come to the right place, and here are some of the books which I’ll be reviewing very, very soon:

Cover of the book of The Game by Neil Strauss

Cover of the book of The Modern Kama Sutra by Kamini Thomas & Kirk Thomas

Cover of the book of She Comes First by Ian Kerner