Love Books Reviewed - Finding Love At All Stages Of Life

Love Books Reviewed – Finding Love At All Stages Of Your Life

Love BooksA wise man once sang that love is a many splendored thing, and he was right because love is one of the single most powerful emotions a human being can experience during their lifetime. Love is such a potent emotion that it can drive people insane, and has literally been responsible for starting wars – the Trojan War being a perfect example of what love and romance can lead to. Love can be responsible for binding people together for life, but can also be responsible for making people do things they’d never have considered otherwise – the most irrational things you can imagine.

So, as you might have guessed, this part of my website is dedicated to reviewing books on the subject of love, including books designed for young adults, plus a range of books on love for men and women too. Do the answers to your quest for love lie inside the pages of a paperback or Kindle book though? I think the biggest expectation most people have about being “in love” is that it just happens magically when you bump into the right person some day – then everything will just fall into place.

Now there’s nothing wrong with believing in that but the likelihood that you’re going to step out into the street and bump into the man, or woman, of your dreams isn’t something you’d want to bet money on because you’d probably lose. Hollywood has sold the entire world this rose-tinted view of how love and romance works, and then when that doesn’t happen in real life people are almost instantly disappointed. After all how many times have you heard friends (or yourself) say after 2 or 3 dates “There were just no fireworks there…something was missing”? These are the same friends who are eternally single because they find fault with every single person they date – at least when they compare them to how the movies tell you love is meant to work.

Here’s a really big lesson for anyone reading this who’s been looking for love for a while now but keeps striking out: Real love takes time, effort and patience. If you can get your head around that core concept of finding, falling in love, and staying in love with a person you’ll instantly find yourself in the top 10% of the class. Bravo!Man and woman kissing passionately

There’s a pile of popular books on love on the market right now but I’m going to be splitting my reviews into two basic categories: young adult and adult, simply because the dating experiences you have at these stages in your life are very, very different to each other.

Love Books For Teenagers

Finding love is something a lot of teenagers seem driven to do, but maybe for all the wrong reasons. My reviews of books on love designed for young adults will help you better understand why you feel the way you do now, and that super serious relationships at this stage in your life might just be a big mistake for you. Teenagers shouldn’t necessarily struggle with love, but most young adults definitely need to be better educated about it.

Love Books For Adults

The more advanced we become as a species the harder it is to find love. In fact sometimes some of us wish we were like dogs and once it was mating season/time we just knew that it was “time” and got on with it. Alas we’re not dogs, so millions of adult humans still struggle to come to terms with the whole idea of finding love in the first place and then helping that love to grow to become something permanent. Believe it or not there are some fantastic books about love which can help you do things differently and maybe even break the old habits which were stopping you from finding love in the first place.

There really are no “best” love books or “good” or “bad” love books – there are simply books which will either work for you or not, and it’s my goal to show you the very best books on love for your own particular needs.

And here are some of the titles I’ll be reviewing here over the next few weeks:

Cover of the book Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov

Cover of the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

Cover of the book Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson