Dating Books Reviewed - For People Who Are Starting All Over Again

Dating Books Reviewed – For People Who Are Starting All Over Again

Dating BooksOne of the most terrifying positions you’ll find yourself in life is coming out of a long-term relationship. For some people the only worry they have afterwards is finding a new place to live and getting on with their lives, not realizing that they’ll be back at the dating game in a matter of weeks or months from when the break-up happened. Even if you’re not coming out of a long-term relationship the whole dating “game” is nothing short of a nightmare at the very best of times.

When you’re an awkward teenager you kind of expect dating to be a difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, experience. The consolation you give yourself is that things will get easier as you get older, and the whole dating thing will suddenly make sense. It’s only when you get to the age of 25 that you realize that dating actually gets more complicated as you get older, because expectations change and suddenly you’re having to deal with adults who are sometimes as emotionally retarded as the teenagers you remember from way back when.

So because I’m running this super cool relationship advice site I decided that the smart thing to do here would be include some reviews of books on the subject of dating. There are literally thousands of different books on the subject available from a number of different online bookstores, like Amazon for example, but I have no hope of being able to review every single of them – there are only so many hours in the day folks. Instead what I’m going to do is find and review the very best dating books for men and women and share the results of my “research” and reviews here. You’ll get to benefit from the dating experiences and advice of thousands of other people in these books reviews, with a broad range of subjects covered to ensure that the dating requirements of people of all ages are catered for.

One area of dating that a lot of people find themselves struggling with a lot is the idea of Internet dating, or using dating websites. Although the whole idea behind these sites is to make dating easier, that’s not the experience most people have when using them, and I think it’s important that people are better informed before they actually go and start online dating for the first time. There are some surprising things you should be aware of, things that can save you a lot of embarrassment and potentially keep you out of danger too.Couple on a date in a park

The reality is that dating has changed a lot over the years and even if you’ve been dating a number of different men or women, trying to find your perfect match as you go along, there’s probably a lot of stuff going on you’re not fully aware of. Pick-up artists using NLP and psychological tricks to make women sleep with them is one, and another is that the fairer sex are no long always the fairer sex – so there’s  a lot of learning to be had here for both men and women alike. Basically in terms of the dating “game” right now knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about how the game is played the more successful you can expect your dating efforts to be.

This section of my site is going to be crammed full of really useful reviews on these kinds of books, but I’ll do my best to keep most of it light, funny and engaging – you’d expect nothing less from me I’m sure! Basically this will be a learning experience for me too in some ways, because I won’t have read many of these books before until now.

Here’s a quick selection of the books I’m going to review for you, so stay tuned!:

Cover of the book The Manual: What Women Want by W. Anton

Cover of the book The Power of the Pussy by Kara King

Cover of the book Marry Him by Lori Gottlieb