We Broke Up A Week Ago...And Now I Don't Know How I Feel

We Broke Up A Week Ago…And Now I Don’t Know How I Feel


My boyfriend and I broke up just over a week ago, with the reason being that I’m now in college and he’s still in high school. While I was away in college I kept hearing that he was flirting with other girls and asking them for their numbers. So I basically told him it was better for us to break up until he figures out what he really wants.

As part of the break up I asked him not to talk to me or even text me, and he hasn’t tried even once. The problem is now that I don’t know how to feel about not talking to him for that amount of time.

I’ve been going to his soccer games, but I’m not sure if that’s okay? Like is it okay to be still going to his games even though we’ve broken up? I don’t talk to him when I go to the games, but it’s obvious to everyone around me that I’m going there just to see him.

I want to give him space, but I also want him to know I still care.



Hi Angie,

Wow!, that’s a lot of emotional turmoil to fit into one week! Giving an ex space after a break up is always good, but you’ve only been broken up a week so I think you might be over analyzing this whole situation a tiny bit.

Firstly there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you going to his soccer games, he’s probably spotted you there and is happy to see you. Secondly it doesn’t matter what other people think, it only matters what you think and feel is best for you. You obviously still have strong feelings for him, which is 100% understandable considering that you only broke up a few days ago.

Now on the subject of being broken up and letting him know you care…well, as you’ve probably spotted from other answers here, my advice on that is always the same: Ask him!

What’s equally important here is the issue of him flirting with other girls and asking them for their numbers. Did this actually happen or is it all secondhand information you got from other people? If your ex has been that disrespectful towards you (flirting with other girls and getting their numbers) then that says a lot about him as a “man”, and that he obviously has a lot of growing up to do.

If you really want him to know how you feel then call him up and talk to him about it. At least that way you know you’ve taken the first step to show him that you do still care, and if he doesn’t appreciate that then he’s not worth your time.

I hope it works out the way you want it to.