The Girl I Love Is Dating A Sleazebag | Relationship Q&A

The Girl I Love Is Dating A Sleazebag


I’m in the middle of a pretty big mess right now and I need your help!

This girl I know is seeing a guy who told me to my face he’s only interested in her for her body. Stupidly I went and told her that her new guy is obviously a sleaze, but instead of being thankful for me telling her she got really angry with me. In fact she told me that she doesn’t believe anything I said about this other guy.

So what do I do now? I feel like I’ve completely screwed things up with her because of what happened here.

Another part of the mess I’m in is that she keeps contacting me because I owe her money, but I don’t want to pay her back because if I do I know she’ll never contact me again. I can’t face the thoughts of never seeing her again.

I really need your help.



Hi Mark,

Firstly I’m assuming based on what you’ve said that you’re in love with this girl and she has no idea, right?

Unfortunately you’ve learned the hard way that knowing what the right thing to do is, and actually doing the right thing are usually the exact opposite of each other. You’re trying to stop her from making a mistake with this guy by being honest with her, but love is blind as they say, and this girl is going to have to make all these mistakes herself.

One of the single biggest mistakes any guy can make is getting caught in the middle of a relationship between two other people – you always come out looking like the bad guy with one side of the relationship or the other. In this case you were trying to warn her about him, but she took that as being told what to do. That never ends well with a woman.

For now you’ve said and done what you can to and protect her, but if she has her heart set on a dating a jerk then there’s not much you can do. And the more you try to interfere the more foolish you’re going to look and the more she’s going to resent you.

Oh and pay her back the money you owe her – you’re not going to win any points here by refusing to pay the debt you owe. In fact you’re just going to annoy her more and more every time she has to call you about owing her cash.