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Tell Me How To Make Him Fall For Me


Hi there,

I’m starting a relationship with this wonderful guy and I really love him, but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship yet, and definitely not with me.

He did “it” for the first time with me, so now I really want to know how to make him fall for me. The problem is I don’t have a credit card, only cash, so I can’t buy any of the relationship advice products you recommend.

Can you please help me? I really need your advice.

Thank you.



Hi Amra,

You can’t make somebody fall in love with you, no matter how hard you try. I know that might sound mean of me, but believe me I’ve tried in the past! When I was a lot younger I used to think that just because I loved a girl enough that she would fall in love with me because of that. That’s not how life goes though, I’m afraid. In fact it’s a very quick way to drive a person away from you.

This guy losing his virginity to you (if that’s what you meant by “it”) is a pretty big thing, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone. You should also think about whether or not he’s lying to you – a lot of players will claim to be virgins, sleep with girls and then hit them with the “I don’t want a relationship with anyone right now” line. He could be a player.

It won’t take a relationship advice product to fix this problem for you I’m afraid. This guy either wants to be in a relationship with you, or he doesn’t.

Based on what you’re telling me I wouldn’t waste an awful lot of time on him, he seems pretty self-centered to be honest and sounds like somebody who is just going to break your heart.

Hope that helps!


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    Hi my name is Montse and I asked my awesome guy friend to be my boyfriend and I really had been liking him for 3 months, he had said no and I got really sad and I did my best to try to not show it too much. I don’t know how to make him like me and regret not saying yes in the first place. Please help!

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