She Already Has A Boyfriend...But Says She Loves Me

She Already Has A Boyfriend…But Says She Loves Me


I found a new girl who’s really pretty and I was talking with her on Facebook. She has a boyfriend, but she keeps telling me that she’s got problems with him. So we were talking about 2 weeks ago on Facebook and she asked me if she wasn’t with her boyfriend would I be with her? I said “Yes I would”, and she replied “I would be crazy if I didn’t want to be with you”. So the more I talked to her the more I fell in love with her. She’s sent me pictures of a couple kissing and we’ve been talking about sex and all that stuff, so I’m thinking maybe we could be together.

I was with her on a kinda “date” and we were just talking but after that she asked me if we could go out again and I said, “Yes we can”.

So then one night she’s texting me and she tells me she’s going out with her boyfriend and that made me jealous and angry, so I stopped talking to her for a while, at least until she eventually asked me what the problem was. I explained to her that when she told me she was going out with her boyfriend that I knew they’d be kissing, and probably have sex and that thought drove me craaaazy! In the end I told her that I won’t be talking to her if she’s still with her boyfriend and getting laid every night by him.

Now it’s 8 days later and when I see her I ignore her, don’t even look at her but I can see how she wants to make eye contact with me. The question I have is whether or now I should be her friend again, or should I just leave things alone?

I fell in love with her and I did say that to her and she said she feels something for me too but…..




There’s a couple of things you need to think about here and the main one is trust – could you really trust her to be your girlfriend and not just sneak around behind your back texting other guys?? If she has that little respect for her current boyfriend what does that tell you about her? There are some women (and men) who can’t bear the idea of being single, so they always have a new guy lined up in case of emergency – like if her boyfriend catches her texting other guys and dumps her for example! This doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, it just means that she’s very, very insecure and maybe not the right girl for you to have a relationship with.

As for having a friendship with her that’s something you can do, but it’s probably a good idea not to get too close for the time being. Any relationship that starts with cheating will end with cheating, so I feel you’re better off finding a nice single girl instead. Life is too short to have complicated relationships with people you can’t trust.