My Rebound Boyfriend Is Gone Again!! | Relationship Q&A

My Rebound Boyfriend Is Gone Again!!


My boyfriend and I had been together for 2 years until he ended it around November last year. Since then I’d completely ignored him until he texted me in December, asking me to work on things with him, so that’s what we did.

Things were fine until the 12th of January when we had an argument and he told me that he was unhappy, and that he was done with our relationship because he couldn’t see it working out between us right now.

We stayed in touch by text afterwards, which was fine until it all hit me really hard. I broke down crying and begged him for a chance to make the relationship work. I know this was stupid of me, and even worse is the fact that he’s said he can’t make our relationship work – he’s already tried.

He’s told me that he doesn’t me want to keep talking about our relationship because it’s now over, so I stopped talking to him about it and stopped begging for a chance to make it work.

It’s just so hard right now.

What I really want to know is if you think I can get him back?



Hi Eveeliz,

Firstly you should never call yourself stupid for telling somebody how you feel – it’s a very, very honest thing to do, and shows you’re willing to take chances to make things work out with him.

The problem here is that your ex seems to have no interest in being in a relationship with you anymore. The other problem is that he’s been sending you very mixed signals too – texting you in December to work things out and then leaving because of an argument in January.

That doesn’t really make any sense from my point of view.
So he went from loving you to being gone in under a month…that doesn’t say a lot of good stuff about him does it? He doesn’t sound very reliable does he?

How serious was the argument, for example, and what was it about?

If it was only a minor argument then he’d probably realized that getting back together was a mistake and he wanted to break up with you, but the argument was a convenient excuse for him to break up with you again.

If it was a major argument then perhaps it’s a sign that there are much deeper issues in your relationship right now, and that the timing simply isn’t right for either of you to be together at the moment.

My gut instinct on this is that your ex-boyfriend got back into a rebound relationship with you, realized it wasn’t working out how he expected it to and then decided to run away and pretend that it’s somehow your fault and not his.

To be blunt I don’t see any reason for you to want to get him back…unless you enjoy being deceived by the same people you’re meant to be able to trust.