My Ex Is Constantly On The Rebound - What Should I Do?

My Ex Is Constantly On The Rebound – What Should I Do?



I’ve been watching your videos and I’m sure you’re very busy, and doubt you’ll even get a chance to read this message but I’m going to try anyway. I’ll try to keep it short and to the point, as you suggested.

Basically I split with my ex roughly 6 months ago for lying about her seeing a guy she had a relationship with in the past. Since then she’s been apologizing to me as it was clearly a rebound “thing”, but I stupidly held back trying to play it cool.

So for a couple of months we remained close friends and although I made an effort to show that I cared I also tried to make it clear that I didn’t need her. About 2 weeks ago we decided to meet up for a few drinks, but that turned into us getting drunk and sleeping together. Then we spent the entire next day together and she told me how much she loved being around me.

Then she tells me later during that week that she wanted to know if we were “going anywhere” with our relationship because she had met a guy that could “…make her really happy”. I tried not to react too much to this and just said that we should see where things go and that I really enjoy being with her.

Now she’s dating the guy a lot and has even met his parents, family, etc. I know this sounds like she had another “rebound”, but she had one of those 6 months ago.

I’m sorry if this message was too long but it’s hard to get everything I need to say into a short message. I’d love to buy your relationship “plan” but unfortunately I’m a student and also managed to crash my car recently (my mind was on other things) so can’t really afford to buy anything.

I’d really appreciate it if you could reply, but if not then thank you for anyway for the videos!



Hi Dave,

I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding here, but I’m not Ashley Kay although the video you saw was one of hers posted on my YouTube channel. My name is Marlon Raye and I provide expert relationship advice through my blog, and I definitely feel your pain based on the message you left here. So if you’ll allow me I’d like to provide you with an answer to your relationship problem.

Dave I’m going to be straight here and tell you flat out to stay away from that girl. I know you’re harboring some feelings of insecurity and doubt now that you’re seeing her with another guy, and you probably feel that you should have taken action and made her yours, right? Shake that feeling off you right now dude because you have a dodged a bullet “Matrix” style, and you probably won’t even realize what a close escape you’ve actually had for at least a few months.

Here are the facts:

  1. She cheated on you
  2. She stayed part of your life for less than a week
  3. She cheated on you again, even after you’d extended the olive branch of “…let’s see where it goes”.

What you have on your hands, my friend, is a serial dater and they are just about the most dangerous creature in the dating world. Your ex is the kind of girl who absolutely craves stability in the most serious possible way, but unless she gets exactly what she wants from a guy she just splits and hitches her wagon to the next guy that comes along. There is no way for you to keep her happy except to do what she tells you 24/7/365 – and that includes allowing her to be in an open relationship, for example.

You’re being very kind by calling her cheating “rebounding”, but you definitely need to move on here before she comes back looking for you again. Oh and she will be back by the way – that relationship with the new guy won’t last any more than maybe 6-months at the longest. In fact I’d be guessing that it’ll be over with him in less than 90-days.

So now that I’ve saved you the money you might have needed to spend on any of Ashley Kays’ products why not take those extra few dollars and do something nice for you because it sounds like you deserve it man!

All the best!