My Boyfriend Wants A Stronger Woman | Relationship Q&A

My Boyfriend Wants A Stronger Woman


My boyfriend doesn’t seem to love me anymore. In fact he said he doesn’t need me and that our relationship isn’t working, and that we’re simply not good for each other. Basically he’s told me he’s not happy with me and told me that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore because I’m weak and he prefers strong women.

He’s told me he could never face marrying a weak woman, and he thinks that the only reason I want to be with him is because I’m too scared to be on my own.



Hi Kay,

It’s a very natural thing to want to be in a healthy and happy relationship despite what most of the lifestyle magazines and blogs tell you. Judging by what your boyfriend is saying he’s the one with the relationship problems though, and not you at all.

You see when men are put in the uncomfortable position of having to explain themselves clearly to a woman (maybe having to admit they’re at fault too) the most common reaction is that the guy will go on the “attack”, desperately trying to reduce your self-esteem. The reason why particular types of men do this is that although they no longer want to be in a relationship with you they can’t stand the idea of you being in a relationship with anyone else, so they do their best to make you feel bad about yourself.

What this guy is basically saying to you is, “I want to break up with you in an honest way but I’m too afraid to do that so I’m just going to make you feel worse about yourself until you leave me alone”.

Do yourself a favour Kay and forget about him, he’s not worth the effort and when he does meet a “strong” woman you can rest assured she’ll have no interest in him.