My Boyfriend Told Me To Stop Calling Him So Much

My Boyfriend Told Me To Stop Calling Him So Much



My boyfriend told me that he doesn’t want a relationship with me. We’d only been seeing each other a very short time and he doesn’t like the fact that I phone him so often. He doesn’t pick up the phone when I do call, and he’s messaged me to tell me not to call him or send him text messages.

He has some personal problems, but basically overall he doesn’t want a relationship right now. I’m pretty sure that once he’s sorted out his personal issues he’ll want to meet up with me again – probably in the same place we first met.

I just don’t understand what he wants because I have very little relationship experience.



Hi Sarah,

Your boyfriend might be having some personal issues right now, but that doesn’t give him the right to treat you the way he is – including sending you messages asking you not to call or text him. If he really cared about you in anything like a meaningful way he wouldn’t say or do those things.

I don’t have very much information to go on here, but I’m assuming that you only dated for a very short while before his personal issues appeared, and he’s been “cold” with you ever since?

By the sounds of it your “boyfriend” wants you to wait around until he’s good and ready for a relationship, and then to simply take him back without any questions.

Some people are worth dating Sarah, and some people are not – this guy doesn’t sound like somebody you should be wasting your time on. After all if he’s treating you this badly at the very start of a relationship what will he be like in 5 or 10 years time?

There are better guys waiting out there for you, so invest your time and energy in dating somebody who treats you well – you’ll be much happier in the end for doing that.


  • Dale says:

    For whatever reason he doesn’t want a relationship you have to take what he says as fact. When a man makes this statement he means it and he means that he doesn’t want contact either. I know this must be hurtful to you and sound cold and harsh and it is but it’s also what he wants. It’s up to you to respect the boundaries that he’s set and move on. Doesn’t sound like he’s the guy for you.

    Ms. Dale Genetti – Relationship & Marriage Life Coach

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