My Boyfriend Only Loves Me 50% Of The Time?

My Boyfriend Only Loves Me 50% Of The Time?



Lately my boyfriend has been saying he’s in love with me but only kinda 50/50 in love with me. He’s already said sorry for some mistakes he’s made in the past, but now I don’t know what to do when he’s saying things like that. What’s he really looking for? Why did he work so hard to get me back when he’s only 50% in love with me?

I’m so torn here I don’t know what to do!

He says that the only girl who really understands him is me 🙁



Hi Stella,

I’m not surprised that you’re completely confused by this situation – I’ve never actually heard a guy claim to be 50% in love with a person before. What’s even stranger is that he put so much effort into getting back together with you once you’d broken up.

Now I’m assuming that you broke up with him and that he came running after you when you did, right? If that’s the case then he basically sees you as a possession of his and he doesn’t like to “lose” his possessions. What he was really afraid of, deep down inside himself, is that after you broke up with him that you’d find a really nice guy and this would highlight what a complete and total ass your current guy actually is.

No woman deserves to be told that her guy (or gal) only loves her 50% of the time. What happens during the other 50%? Is he busy loving somebody else instead? Are you ok with that?

When he tells you that you’re the only girl who understands him he’s using emotional blackmail to stop you from breaking up with him again. This is because he knows if you do break up with him you’re going to meet a nice guy, realize what real love is and he’ll never be able to get you back.

Unfortunately I think you’re wasting your time with this guy and that you need to move on immediately. You deserve to be loved 150% of the time Stella, and not just the 50% that this jerk is offering you.