My Boyfriend Is Still In Love With His Last Girlfriend

My Boyfriend Is Still In Love With His Last Girlfriend


I’ve been dating this guy on and off for about 16 months now, but about 3 months before we got together he’d been dating his childhood sweetheart. They were both married at the time, and she wound up leaving her husband for him, and he left his wife for her. He had promised her that he’d never leave her, but he obviously did leave her to be with me.

So now we’re actually together he tells me that he loves me, but that he loves her too.

Should I believe him? Do I have any reason to believe him?



You have on your hands what many woman have wound up dealing with in their lives – a serial boyfriend. He’s constantly in and out of relationships as often as he changes his clothes. In fact he’s actually worse than a serial boyfriend because now two families have been destroyed, and he’s not done messing people’s lives up yet it seems.

Your boyfriend is displaying some of the key character traits of a narcissist, which is basically a very controlling who loves himself more than he loves anyone else.

No woman anywhere should be told that her boyfriend is in love with somebody else while she’s in a relationship with him. You’ve only been with him for a little over a year, so the smart thing to do here is get rid of him before you wind up pregnant by him. That’s his next step in trying to control you, so you need to step back, look at this relationship for what it really is and move on with your life.


  • He’s probably still sleeping with his ex (his sweetheart)
  • It’s only a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ he breaks up with you too

Save yourself the heartache and walk away from him before he walks away from you.